CM Punk just went down with an injury and Ryback had something to say about it. The Big Guy tweeted out about “Karma,” and fans caused his name to trend as they mercilessly dragged him. That didn’t stop in his live chat.

During Ryback’s recent live chat, a lifelong fan of Ryback’s named Chris Goldsmith asked, “why are you jealous of CM Punk?” That question came with a $2 Super Chat so Ryback had to address it. While talking about that question, Ryback did not even read it and he proceeded throw shade at Punk’s account of their matches where he said those power moves took years off his career.

Thank you for the Super Chat, Chris … we’re not even going to acknowledge you or what you’re bringing on he screen. That is simply not the case of anything. It is the situation of me telling the truth and knowing he hasn’t and being a man and never letting fear dictate my moves or anything I’m doing.

I think people misinterpreted what I said in a far worse way without — and it’s none of anyone’s business at the end of the day. We’re not even going to acknowledge your Super Chat, Chris. In fact, I’m gonna tell you that not only do we not want your money, we don’t want you in Rybackville. So shell shocked down in a pit of spikes.”


The heartbroken fan then took to Twitter and addressed this situation. “I was a lifelong @Ryback fan. Until today,” Chris tweeted out. “After reading some wrestling internet news stories, I asked Ryback a question about @CMPunk. Rather than answer the question, he proceeded to humiliate me, stole my money, and blocked me in front of his audience. The IWC was right.”

Ryback did not return Chris’ $2. In fact, Chris logged in again and paid for another $2 Super Chat to say “Ryback you stole my $2 dude, that isn’t right.” Ryback then read that Super Chat and laughed at Chris by saying that he learned “a $4 lesson.”

Apparently, Ryback needed the money more than he wanted to answer that question about the lingering jealousy he still has festering for CM Punk deep in the recesses of his soul.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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