WWE has been doing a ton of crossover between talent from Raw and SmackDown as of late. Even the stars of NXT have occasionally had programs with main roster talents. This has led many to speculate that the brand split is essentially over.

The Bloodline has been regularly appearing on both shows, as have RK-Bro. Sasha Banks and Naomi were scheduled for a Raw appearance before walking out of the company. All of the major men’s titles are currently on SmackDown, so crossing over is almost a necessity.

While nothing is official on the end of the brand extension, Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the crossovers will continue. Fans will still regularly see stars from the blue and red brands appearing on both shows.

“Even though the company is filled with talented guys, with them focusing on seemingly fewer and fewer people, there is more and more Raw/Smackdown crossover. The brand split from an official standpoint is not ending, but obviously Smackdown talent will be appearing on Raw and the other way around all the time, and with no silly explanations anymore — brand spilit is not officially ending despite breaking it on a weekly basis.”


It seems as though every time the brand split officially goes away, fans clamor for it to come back. Then, when it does come back, the WWE Universe wonders why it ever existed in the first place. WWE is looking to find a happy medium.

The brand extension is here to stay, at least officially. That doesn’t mean there won’t be Raw superstars and SmackDown superstars feuding and turning up on each other’s shows. Time will tell if WWE ever decides to officially dump the concept.

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