Cesaro is one of the top free agents today in professional wrestling. A remarkably gifted in-ring performer, there is not a promoter in the world who wouldn’t want him on their roster. Since his WWE contract expired in February, fans have not heard much from the Swiss Superman.

Cesaro has revealed new ring name, “Claudio CSRO,” and several independent promoters have reached out to try and book him. Thus far, nobody has had any luck. Fans are beginning to wonder about what the future could hold for the former WWE superstar.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed the options for Cesaro. At the moment, he has a young child and is focusing on his family. AEW and WWE are both still viable options for the coffee-loving grappler, but for now, he is laying low.

“Cesaro has been laying low for some time. He’s a free agent and is taking time off for family reasons with a young child. He did trademark a new name in case he goes elsewhere. It’s not known if AEW made an offer for him but Tony Khan has spoke highly of him. But with the size of some of the new contracts WWE has given, there is the feeling a guy like Cesaro, in his early 40s, will return because he’s comfortable with WWE even though he recognizes he’ll never be used on top, but there’s nothing definite in that direction. The only thing we know is he’s been in talks with Conrad Thompson about doing Starrcast and according to those close to him, has at least considered other projects that he wouldn’t be allowed to do if he returned to WWE.”


Cesaro’s wrestling future could depend on what kind of projects he wants to do outside of the ring. The report that he is interested in things that WWE wouldn’t allow him to do makes a return there seem unlikely. Still, he is an established name there and is familiar with the WWE lifestyle.

AEW is also an option, and Tony Khan is known to be a fan of Cesaro. With the amount of talent he has, he could wind up just about anywhere he wants. Time will tell when and where that ultimately takes place.

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