AEW welcomed several executives from Warner Bros. Discovery to last night’s Dynamite debut in Southern California. The show featured some wild twists and turns including a profanity-filled promo by MJF about his unhappiness with the company. Those same executives may not be thrilled about some of the content of the show.

As Tony Khan works toward a new television deal for AEW, the promotion tried to put their best foot forward at The Forum. Huge matches were announced, such as the upcoming Blood and Guts in Detroit and a hair vs. hair match between Chris Jericho and Ortiz. The talk of the show was MJF’s fiery in-ring tirade.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out that everybody seemed happy at the show’s after-party. It was speculated that the language won’t exactly make some of them happy. Much like other television broadcast partners, the language may have been a bit much.

“They [Warner Bros. Discovery executives] had a big party last night after the show and everybody seemed happy, but I wonder how many of them will be like, you know, just as an example, like TSN in Canada. Some of those swear words got through on live television, and they’re not going to be happy with that.”

Anyone who watches a lot of cable television has noticed that the language has become more adult across the board. USA Network even ran promos during season one of “Chucky” where the killer doll tossed around f-bombs like it was nothing. It remains to be seen how Warner Bros. Discovery will feel about similar verbiage being used by AEW stars.

AEW certainly made a splash for the executives. A huge crowd reacted to everything Khan booked on the show. Time will tell if the company takes exception to the heavy use of swearing on AEW television.

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Michael Perry

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