MJF cut a tremendous pipe bomb promo on AEW Dynamite this week. Now fans and talent in AEW alike are trying to figure out what is going on.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s beloved paywall that “MJF’s promo was designed to gain a polarizing reaction, and it did just that.”

It was further stated that he spoke to “countless AEW talent” about this situation, “with most of the talent ranging from ‘it’s always been a work on MJF’s side’ to ‘well, it’s definitely a work now.'” Another talent said that they would be “frustrated for many reasons” if they found out it’s all a work.

Tony Khan had indicated to numerous talent over the years and indicated that working talent isn’t something they should expect there. Also, there were talent at MJF’s scheduled meet and greet who ended up having to stay and do extra work in order to make up for the MJF no-show who weren’t clued in of a potential work. 

It was also noted that one talent said that they stayed away from the story because it is tough to gauge MJF’s motivations. However, the idea that “MJF is always working” was repeatedly debunked.

Another AEW talent reportedly said “If he acted like MJF all the time, he probably wouldn’t still be working here,” but they did indicate they have noticed more frustration from MJF since the Spring.

A longtime friend of MJF’s claimed that MJF was adamant to them backstage that the situation wasn’t a work. However, that talent also said that it reeked of desperation on screen to make something happen, and they don’t believe Tony Khan or AEW would allow that on television without a payoff or a plan.

MJF has seemed frustrated with things, and nobody knew why. There are also reportedly numerous talent who “sympathize with MJF’s initial point of frustration regarding the contract scale for orginal talent compared to incoming free agents.”

It seems like everyone has their own opinion about things, but if this situation is a work (and it totally is), then that means Tony Khan broke a promise to AEW talent that he wouldn’t work them.

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