MJF and AEW are in very interesting situation. Of course, this could all be a work, but we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. MJF apparently isn’t happy with his current situation and that almost led to him taking off and leaving Las Vegas before Double of Nothing. Fans jumped on this is a big way.

Wikipedia is a place where users can edit any entry they like to update information. Sometimes those updates are a bit malicious. This was the case this time around.

The Salt of the Earth’s page was edited a bit, but it has already changed back. That change to MJF’s page reflected his current controversy and also threw in a dig at CM Punk.


He recently flipped the bird on & left All Elite Wresting (AEW) to main event WrestleMania, something that ret*rd CM Punk could never do.

Only time will tell how this situation turns out. Odds are MJF will do business at Double or Nothing, but it certainty helped cause a lot of people to look AEW’s way at the tail end of a lackluster pay-per-view build.

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