Stephanie McMahon has spent most of her life in the WWE. When she was in college, she interned for her father’s company, and she finally found herself on television every week. Stephanie McMahon recently announced she’s taking an leave of absence from the company

PW Insider recently discussed about Stephanie McMahon walking away from WWE. According to the website, her leave of absence isn’t related to Naomi and Sasha Banks’ bad booking. It does not appear there is any bad blood involved.

No, I don’t think that has anything to do with her leaving.  She has been a party to the WWE booking her whole adult life.  That isn’t the reason. I have heard a lot of stories and frankly, until we can confirm them, I am not going to speculate.  I don’t think it’s responsible or fair to be quite frank.  All I will say is I do believe there is a lot more to it than we know right now.

WWE has adopted a tough stance in the aftermath of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s recent walkout. The company suspended them both and pulled their items from the official WWE online shop recently. WWE is sending a message that superstars can’t simply take their ball and go home if they’re not satisfied with the creative team.


It’ll be interesting to see when Stephanie returns to the company, not just as Chief Brand Officer, but also as an onscreen persona. Only time will tell if Banks and Naomi return first.

We’ll have to wait and see if WWE continues dealing with all of these ongoing situations. To get latest updates on WWE news, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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