WWE Hall Of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has been working in AEW for quite a while now. Since his debut, he has had a great time in the company. He started out by managing Lance Archer and the partnership has proved to be huge success.

He has worked in WWE for a long time and is well aware of how Vince McMahon functions. In fact, he even blasted Vince McMahon previously for humiliating people in WWE.

Being a pro wrestler from the golden ages, Jake Roberts has faced a lot of trouble in the past. While speaking on Talk Is Jericho, Jake Roberts recalled Mexican fans wanting to kill him for a racist promo during an AAA event.

“They send me to a TV station to do some promos, I did the promos,” he said. “Back in those days, you could still have a little fun on the mic without doing something politically incorrect. Because I am not a racist at all, I love all people, I don’t care what color. I don’t see color, I guess I’m color blind, I just don’t dig that sh*t, man. I’ve got more in my life than that, I can’t stand people that are that way.


“I went and did the press thing and I was having fun, I asked the answer, ‘do you know the reason they’re having the Olympics in Atlanta and not in Mexico?’ ‘No, why,’ I said, ‘because anybody that can run, jump, or swim is already there.’ They didn’t like that, then I sang a song called, ‘The Frito Bandito.’ They thought that was bad too, so they stopped that song, they did not enjoy that one. And there may have been a couple of other little digs, I didn’t think it was really serious.

They took me back to my hotel, it was live. As I am walking into the hotel lobby, there’s a bar there in those days. I stopped, I look up, and there was a television that was in Spanish, and something caught my eye. What caught my eye was these Mexicans being sprayed with a water cannon,” he said. “Wow, this is serious brother.

I tell the bartender, ‘damn, man, they’re going to kill those people.’ He goes, ‘yeah, Amigo, you do this.’ ‘I did this, I didn’t do sh*t?’ ‘Yeah, they’re looking for you mother,’ I went, ‘what?’ He said, ‘they’re trying to find you, they want to cut your f***ing throat,’ I go, ‘can I buy a beer?’”

Jake Roberts certainly has many more stories to tell, as he had a very memorable career in the pro wrestling world.

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