Sonya Deville has had a long run alongside Adam Pearce as an on-screen WWE official. As of late, Deville has been filling the role of a wrestler much more prominently. As Sonya prepares to challenge Bianca Belair for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, another performer has been doing lot of talking where Deville used to. Drew Gulak’s involvement in several interview segments has been a recurring theme as of late.

In the past several weeks, Gulak has been featured as part of the angle between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. Both women have placed Drew in submission holds. Rousey even signed her contract for the upcoming I Quit match against Charlotte on Drew Gulak’s body.

With Sonya getting more focus on her in-ring work, Gulak has replaced her in most of the talking segments. While many fans would rather see Drew in the ring, Dave Meltzer talked about the swap on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Sonya is back to wrestling, Drew wasn’t being used, and Drew has been performing well as a mouthpiece for different angles.

“So, it looks like Sonya Deville is back as a wrestler and Gulak might be Adam Pierce’s, you know, other guy. His role clearly is to be a comedy goof. He’s good at it. You know, and maybe this will… He hasn’t been on TV at all in a long time except in background scenes.


He can talk. Obviously, beating up women’s not going to be great for whatever, but he’s not in that role as a wrestler anyway, so it’s not hurting the credibility of a guy who’s never used anyway, so, whatever. I actually liked the idea of Ronda having him in the armbar and signing the contract on him. I thought that was pretty cool.”

WWE could be angling to move Drew Gulak into Sonya Deville’s position as an on-screen official. They have been referring to him as an “intern” on television. With Deville challenging for a major title in the ring, the company has gone with Gulak as primarily a talker.

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Michael Perry

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