Like many members of the Internet Wrestling Community, the former WWE star Ryback was mocked for his outrageous social media posts, such as the time when he suggested his supplements were more effective in preventing coronavirus infections in comparison to other recommended safety protocols.

Previously Ryback questioned the makers of Gatorade for not using the same quality ingredients that he uses in his supplements. He even complained that Amazon was making him test his supplements for drugs.

Ryback has been claiming for a long time now that his social media reach was being unfairly suppressed by WWE, which explains why he has so many followers with so little interaction on his tweets and other social media posts. Today he shared the receipts in the form of a message from Twitter replying to his complaints and a legal letter allegedly from WWE explaining the company’s statement that Ryback is illegally using WWE trademarks on his social media.

In the first screenshot, Twitter seems to remind Ryback that his account is restricted as it violated Twitter’s policies. The second pic shows a letter stating Ryback’s use of the trademarks Ryback, The Big Guy, and Feed Me More which are in violation of his previous WWE contract and it demanded Ryback turn over his social media accounts.


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Sanchari Ghosh

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