WWE has a strict policy regarding narcotics and PEDs. The company closely guards talent for possible use of drugs. It was recently revealed that they haven’t handed down $2,500 “weed tax” fine in years.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently shed light on the subject on his Hall of Fame podcast. The “five time, five time WCW champion!” expressed his happiness over the fact that WWE has changed their marijuana policy.

 “It’s a long time overdue, I think – marijuana policy being lifted. Just because, like, science approved what marijuana can do for so many different types of ailments, especially pain management. And one thing about the professional wrestling game, the opioid problem got huge at one point in time. You know, guys trying to self-medicate and we lost a lot of guys due to that.

“So for me, I’ve been somewhat of an advocate, you know, not as outspoken as (Rob Van Dam). I’m sure he’d be proud right now. I’m sure he’d be happy. I’m sure he’s jumping for joy. I’m sure he’s celebrating, you know what I mean? But definitely, I’ve always been something that believed that shouldn’t be something that was on the banned list.


“Times have changed a whole lot and I’m glad to see the movement. There again, we moved a little slow here in Texas and I know it’s political but we need to get past that political talk right there because we’re talking about people’s lives. We’re talking about saving a lot of people as well as decriminalizing it more than anything. Locking people up for something like that. That right there I think is more important than just the recreational use.”

Superstars like Matt Riddle and Randy Orton have gone on record in favor of marijuana. According to Orton, one of the reasons behind RK-Bro’s team happiness is that Riddle grows Orton’s favorite strain.

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Manik Aftab

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