Sarray has been trying to find her footing in WWE’s NXT brand for quite a while. The Japanese star arrived in Orlando after a long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was immediately renamed from her original moniker, Sareee. Since then, it has been tough for her to find her footing in a crowded and always-changing locker room.

Sarray became a star on Japan’s women’s wrestling scene, where she spent nearly a decade honing her skills in various promotions. She signed with WWE in 2020, hoping to try her luck in America. The pandemic held things off, but she eventually made it.

Sarray was given a new Japanese school girl gimmick back in January of this year. She said that 2021 didn’t go the way she hoped, and she was trying for a fresh start. After returning to Japan for a while, Sarray came back wielding a power medallion from her grandmother which supposedly gives her strength. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer recently discussed Sarray’s status after another loss to Tiffany Stratton on this week’s NXT. He is not confident that the character has staying power.

“I don’t like her chances, but I haven’t liked her chances since the day she arrived. And then, when they went in a new direction, I really didn’t like her chances at that point.


I don’t imagine they’re ever going to bring her to the main roster… As long as she’s there, she’s just going to be just, you know, doing nothing. I don’t want to say wasting her time, because she’s making a lot more money than she would make elsewhere. Unlike Kushida, who probably would’ve made more money staying home. But, he had to experiment.

It was funny, because, when he left, that was kind of my thought is like, “He’s all wrong for leaving.” There’s some guys, like Nakamura is like six foot two. So, it’s like, he’s got some size to him and he’s very charismatic. So, I thought that there was always a chance for him. They did push him at times and didn’t at other times. But, like, Sarray, just is… She’s small and it just feels like… Io Shirai’s not even on the main roster. So, it’s like, yeah. Yeah, I don’t like her chances.”

It does not appear that WWE has any big plans for Sarray. She’s a very talented wrestler, but it isn’t clicking in NXT. If she is going to find stardom in the United States, Sarray may have to look elsewhere.

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