Eric Bischoff is an influential figure in pro-wrestling with his on-screen antics and entrepreneurial mindset. Lately, Eric was on the latest episode of’s Strictly Business. Bischoff gave feedback on TNA while discussing trademarks and licensing in WWE and AEW.

Bischoff spoke about AEW’s inadequate licensing deals except for their Walmart deal to sell their merchandise. Right now, Bischoff believe’s this won’t change indefinitely.

“Nobody else out there that is manufacturing products is looking at the AEW brand right now or anybody in it and going, ‘wow, we can build our future on that,’” Bischoff said. “They’re looking at it and going ‘wow, this is interesting, let’s see where this tracks for the next year-three years.’

Bischoff, on the other hand, claims that if AEW’s persistence with the belt program (along with their action figure agreement) will go well. Subsequently, licenses will be interested and come their way.


“And if there’s consistency and they see that the belt program that AEW has for example at Walmart, and is actually tracking and growing and creating revenue, that will give future licenses the interest in coming out and trying to build some of their product on AEW licensed properties.

According to Bischoff, prosperity won’t come overnight. He compares it to WCW’s previous licensing deals and agreements. Bischoff insists that AEW isn’t growing since they’re “flat-lining millions of viewers a week.”

“But that doesn’t happen overnight, it didn’t happen overnight in WCW. Providing AEW continues to grow, which arguably they’re not, they’re kind of flatlining at a million viewers a week”.

“But if they can grow that industry in such a way that it gives confidence to manufacturers and distributors to go ahead and invest money in that licensing in hopes to increase sales off their products, that’s when you’ll start to see real growth in AEW”.

Eric Bischoff is a charismatic figure who has a big presence in the business. He isn’t hesitant to voice himself, regardless of the peer backlash. From Raw General Manager to TNA Vice President. He’s covered a wide range of territory in the wrestling industry. Bischoff will continue to entertain us fans from here on out

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