AEW unveiled their plans for a huge upcoming joint show with New Japan Pro Wrestling this June in Chicago on last night’s Dynamite. Many of the company’s top stars have a long history with NJPW. It seems the Forbidden Door was actually Tony Khan’s plan B.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez recently discussed AEW’s NJPW ‘Forbidden Door’ event. Alvarez stated that Tony Khan utilized this as his second big announcement. Apparently it was all a backup plan in case Ring of Honor deal fell through

“I don’t know when this deal came about, but this may be the second big announcement that Tony had in his pocket, because a couple of weeks ago when he announced that there was going to be a big announcement and it ended up being the Ring of Honor announcement, but when he made that announcement for an announcement that announcement wasn’t made, so he had a backup announcement. It may have been this, so it’s possible, especially if you look at the booking of New Japan, it’s possible that they have this card already booked”

Hardcore wrestling fans are intrigued at the litany of possible dream matchups that could happen on the show. AEW might use the opportunity to re-introduce one of its stars who has been out of action for a while. Ringside News confirmed that we were told that the AEW – New Japan joint show is happening.


Whether that is Tony Khan’s big announcement for Wednesday remains to be seen. Dave Meltzer recently appeared on Sunday Night’s Main Event, where he said he is hearing much of the same. Stay tuned to Ringside News for latest updates.

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Transcription by Ringside News.

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