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Tonight’s RAW will feature two title matches, with Finn Balor defending the United States Championship against Austin Theory, and Boss N’ Glow putting their Women’s Tag Titles on the line against Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley. These are the only two match we know about ahead of time, but we’re sure to see the likes of Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, RK-Bro, and more.

Of couse we also have two fun segments announced for the show, with the first being Kevin Owens putting Elias’s younger brother, Ezekiel, through a lie detector test. The other is a double wedding for Reggie and Dana Brooke, as well as Tamina and Akira Tozawa. R-Truth will officiate both weddings, and we’re sure to get some 24/7 Championship shenanigans.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s RAW. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



This week’s show begins with a recap of everything that’s gone down between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. We go live to the arena and out comes Rollins.

Rollins welcomes us to the show and says it’s a party, and nobody wants to party alone so he introduces his opponent at WrestleMania Backlash, Cody Rhodes. The fans chant “Cody” and Seth says he loves it. He asks how it feels to be on top of the world. Rhodes says it all feels very familiar, as in, him and Seth in the same ring in the same city. Buffalo is Rhodes country. Rollins says this is about respect, he came out here to tell him how much he respects him.

Another Cody chant fires up and Rhodes interrupts Seth to turn to the fans to get a pop. Rollins tells him never to do that again, so Cody does it right away again. Rollins says he came out here to tell Cody how much he respects his family and their legacy, and that it’s impressive what Cody did for six years to get to where he is now… but the truth is he made Cody a star in one night. Rhodes tells Rollins to get to the point and Seth says the point is that Cody had an unfair advantage at WrestleMania.

Seth didn’t have time to prepare and he lost. That’s a tough pill to swallow, especially when Cody and a lot of fans will think that means he’s better than him. He can’t live with that because the truth is that he is better than Rhodes in every single way. He may be the flavour of the month but he isn’t the future of the industry. Cody can’t walk the walk or talk the talk as well as him. Rollins says he has been to the top of the mountain, been WWE Champion, and that makes him better.

Cody says Rollins, in fact, has been to the mountaintop four times, but that doesn’t change what happened at WrestleMania. Rhodes says in his absence he learned some management skills and he knows they could go back-and-forth, but how about they ask a third-party, like the good folk of Buffalo. Cody asks if they think he’s better than Rollins and the fans pop and chant “yes!” Rollins tells them to shut up and says if Cody thinks it’s so easy to face a mystery opponent, how about he does it in the main event tonight? Rhodes says everyone already knows he’s game, he didn’t back to WWE to run from challenges.

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Women’s Tag Team Titles

(C) Boss N’ Glow Vs. Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley

The match starts with Ripley and Banks, and Rhea forces her into the corner and shoulders her a few times. Morgan tags in and Rhea lifts and slams her onto Banks for a one-count. Banks fires back with a jawbreaker, then tags Naomi and they hit a double-team Eat Defeat for a two-count. Naomi knocks Liv back and tags Banks, who hits a crossbody off the middle rope.

Ripley comes in to break the pinfall but Naomi dropkicks her back out. Liv rolls out and Naomi and Banks go after her but Ripley lifts Banks and runs her into Naomi like a battering ram. Morgan then slams Naomi while Ripley hits Banks with the Riptide onto the barricade as we head to the break.

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Back live and Ripley has Naomi in a bodyscissors in the middle of the ring. Naomi fights up but Ripley drops her with a back elbow and tags Liv. Ripley gets Naomi up onto her shoulders and Morgan takes her off with a bulldog from the top rope. Morgan lands some kicks on Naomi and looks for Oblivion but Naomi avoids it and hits a backslide.

Ripley blind-tagged in and hits the Riptide and pins but Banks catches Morgan with a backstabber and breaks up the pin attempt. Morgan is knocked out of the ring and Naomi grabs Ripley from behind, Banks hits a Codebreaker and Naomi lands an atomic drop, then Sasha hits a senton into a pinfall and the Champions retain.

Winners: Boss N’ Glow

After the match Ripley and Morgan get in each others face and argue. Rhea tells her she’s done and turns to leave but comes back and yells that she failed. Ripley says Liv is never there when she needs her and Morgan tells her to relax. Ripley attacks Liv and beats her down. Ripley lifts Morgan, hits the Riptide, and walks off.

We see a replay of last week where Sonya Deville tricked Bianca Belair into signing a contract to face her at WrestleMania Backlash, then attacked the Champion. Deville makes her way out to the ring as we head to the break.

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Rhea Ripley is stopped backstage for an interview. Ripley simply says “what entitles you or anyone else to an explanation?”

Sonya Deville is in the ring and she says she has heard chatter within WWE that she is misusing her power by challenging Bianca Belair at WrestleMania Backlash. Don’t forget, she is a competitor first and foremost. She was forced into the position of WWE official until she was able to get back to being a Superstar. And when she saw an opportunity she took it. When Belair won the title at WrestleMania, she knew that’s who she wanted to be in the ring with.

Deville says people can scrutinise her all they like but the bottom line is that Belair needed a challenger and she gave her one. It’s nothing personal, just business, and if anyone has an issue with it… Bianca Belair stomps down to the ring meaning business – still spinning her hair like a child mind you. Deville warns Belair that there will be repercussions if she gets physical. Bianca says she’ll be more than happy to have this match tonight.

Deville says she didn’t wait three years to have her moment in a rusted suburb of New York. How about they do it next week in Belair’s hometown of Knoxville, that way Bianca can have her friends and family there to console her. Deville gets in her face and asks her what the matter is, is she going to cry? Belair hoists Deville up on her shoulders and wants the Kiss of Death but Deville screams that she’ll strip her of the title, so Belair lets her go.

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Veer Mahan Vs. Jeff Brooks

The match begins and Mahan backs poor local lad Brooks into the corner and shoulders him, then throws him across the ring. Brooks fires some right hands to the gut, then hits the ropes and jumps but Mahan tackles him out of the air. Mahan slams Brooks, then clotheslines him. Mahan jumps on the back, then applies his modified camel clutch and Jeff taps.

Winner: Veer Mahan

Adam Pearce is backstage when Sonya Deville stops him and she’s irate. She asks Pearce if he fined Bianca Belair and he says he did, then reveals that he fined her $1. Deville is furious but he says he’s going by the books and walks off.

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Kevin Owens is in the ring for an episode of The Kevin Owens Show and he has Chad Gable with him. Owens reiterates that he can’t stand liars, which is why he is furious with Ezekial. The man who is clearly Elias. And so he’s got a proper lie detector test and he recruited the smartest man in the WWE Universe, who will expose Elias before beating him in a match. Gable thanks Owens for having him back on The Kevin Owens Show, and says he will find out who Ezekiel really is. And if he lies he will beat it out of him. Owens says he loves Gable, loves his brain and his hair, then introduces “Elias”.

Ezekiel comes to the ring and takes a seat opposite Gable. Owens welcomes him and Ezekiel says once more than he is Elias’s younger brother. Owens tells him to admit it, he used to come out with a beard and a guitar and asks people if he they were ready to walk with him. Ezekiel says he can’t wait to take the test but before that he has one question, who wants to speak with Zeke? Owens gets mad and says thats just the same as walk with Elias, then tells Gable to hook him up to the lie detector.

Gable tells the fans to shoosh, then asks Ezekiel a couple of questions to get a baseline. Gable then asks Ezekiel if Gable Steveson is a spoiled brat and gets angry. Owens tells him to calm down because he’s paying him $150 Canadian. Gable asks Ezekiel if his real name is Elias and he says no, and the machine says he’s telling the truth. Owens can’t believe it. Gable then asks Ezekiel if Elias is his older brother and he says yes, and he’s telling the truth. Owens asks him again and accuses Gable of getting paid off.

Gable says he’s a man of academic integrity and the machine tells the truth. Owens tells him to get out of the ring because he’s useless. Ezekiel says he’s tired of being called a liar by the biggest liar in WWE. Ezekiel says this is a big moment for him because he’s about to have his first-ever match in WWE. Owens says he doesn’t care if his first match is in Canada’s landfill – the fans boo and Owens mocks them. Owens says he’s going to admit he’s Elias or else. Ezekiel says “or else what?” and Owens walks off. Gable attacks Ezekiel from behind and the match is up next.

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Ezekiel Vs. Chad Gable

Ezekiel rushes Gable at the bell and beats him down in the corner, then tosses him across the ring. Ezekiel boots Gable out of the ring, then goes after and chops him before hitting a suplex onto the steel steps. Ezekiel gets Gable back in the ring and hits a basement clothesline for a two-count. Ezekiel chops Gable in the corner and looks for an Irish whip but gets reversed. Gable hits a dragon screw in the corner over the ropes.

Gable starts targetting the leg and snapping it. Gable hits a northern lights suplex for a two-count, then applies a spinning toe hold but Ezekiel kicks him off and over the ropes. Gable flips back into the ring but eats a few clotheslines. Gable catches the legs of Ezekiel and hits an exploder suplex. Gable goes up top for a moonsault but eats a boot to the jaw. Ezekiel hits a spinebuster, then applies a modified single leg Boston crab but Otis attacks him from behind.

Winner Via Disqualification: Ezekiel

We see a lengthy replay of the goings-ons between The Uso’s and RK-Bro. After the break RK-Bro will face The Street Profits.

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RK-Bro Vs. The Street Profits

Orton starts with Dawkins and they lock-up. Randy grabs a side headlock. Dawkins fights up and knocks Orton back into the corner with a shoulder tackle. Orton lands some right hands and tags Riddle, and the two of them stomp the limbs of Dawkins before Randy flips Riddle onto Angelo for a two-count. Ford bling-tags in and takes Riddle down with a dropkick. Ford hits a back suplex and goes to the top rope but Riddle leaps up alongside and htsi a Spanish fly!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Riddle and Ford are throwing hands back-and-forth. Ford lands an enziguiri, then Riddle fires back with one of his own. Dawkins tags in but Riddle kicks him back and tags Orton. Randy lands a series of clotheslines and a snap powerslam, then he and Riddle hit the Profits with draping DDT’s. Orton is fired-up and he tags Riddle for an RKO but The Uso’s music hits. Ford dropkicks Orton off the apron and no uso’s appears. The Profits hit a double-team blockbuster for the win!

Winners: The Street Profits

After the match Montez Ford gets a microphone and says he wonders who would have done such a thing. He says let this be a message to RK-Bro: THe Uso’s aren’t the only team they need to be worried about.

We see Edge sitting in a throne in a dark room with Damian Priest at his side. Priest says some poeple are wondering why they did what they did to Styles but maybe they need a reminder of who the Hell they are. Edge says mental manipulation is always a part of him, those seeds were sewn twenty years ago when he was in The Brood, the Ministry of Darkness. However he’s a much more dangerous version of the man he used to be and those seeds are being sewn by the fans tears.

Edge says Damian Priest was at WrestleMania two years ago, teaming with Bad Bunny. Priest was the lynch-pin of that but he didn’t get any credit, and this year he didn’t even have a match at WrestleMania. And him, a first ballot Hall of Famer, had to come out and beg for an opponent. Edge says the fans complained on Twitter and TikTok and everywhere else that he wasn’t there enough, that he was a part-timer. Well he finally decided to stop caring what they think and take back his mountain of omnipotence. And AJ’s judgement day is coming.

*Commercial Break*

AJ Styles is asked for a response to Edge’s challenge. AJ says as far as the challenge goes, he accepts. But Edge can save his judgement for… the lights start flickering before going out. When they come back up the room is purple and Edge and Priest are there. They beat AJ down, then put his arm inside a cabinet and slam the lid on it over-and-over. They stand over Styles and laugh.

WWE United States Championship

(C) Finn Balor Vs. Theory

The match gets underway and Theory grabs a wristlock and takes Balor down. He wastes time and Balor beats him back into the corner and chops him in the chest. Theory eats another chop but comes back with a backbreaker for a two-count. Theory grabs a sleeper and holds Finn down in the middle of the ring. Balor fights up and hits the ropes but Theory slides under the ropes and trips him. Theory drags Balor under the bottom rope and hits a neckbreaker.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Theory has Balor down with a sleeper again. The Champion fights up but eats a knee to the gut, then Theory jumps and stomps him before taunting the fans. Balor rallies with some forearms, tips Theory over and hits a double stomp. Theory blocks an attack and hits a backbreaker for a two-count. Theory stays in control for a minute and even attacks the throat.

Balor ducks a clothesline and hits a DDT, then kicks Theory to the apron. Balor wants a suplex into the ring but Theory fights him off and looks for a rolling dropkick through the ropes but gets caught with a powerbomb. Theory slams Finn into the buckles. Balor hits a roll-up into a double stomp, then kicks Theory repeatedly. Balor hits the slingblade and goes up top.

Theory hits Finn and connects with a springboard Spanish fly for a near-fall. Theory wants the ATD but Balor counters with a reverse DDT. balor knocks Theory out of the ring and follows-up with a tope to the floor! Balor gets him back inside and looks for the Coup de Grace but Theory avoids it. Theory hits the ATD for the win!

Winner and New United States Champion: Theory

After the match a bunch of heels like Alpha Academy, T-Bar, and The Hurt Business, come out to celebrate with Theory. Then Vince McMahon comes out and applauds Theory! Theory joins Vince on the stage and they take a selfie together, then shake hands.

Seth Rollins is walking backstage on his phone when Kevin Patrick stops him and asks if he knows who Cody’s opponent is. Rollins says he does and Patrick asks who it will be? Rollins asks if he’s dim and says the whole point is that Cody won’t know who he’s facing until the person walks out.

*Commercial Break*

It’s time for the double wedding. Reverend R-Truth comes to the ring, which is all set-up for the ceremony, and the 24/7 Championship is sat on a podium outside the ring. There’s a bunch of people there as witnesses, and Akira Tozawa and Reginald are in the ring in white suits. Truth reminds them that he’s made it so that the 24/7 Championship is off-limits during this ceremony, then introduces the two brides.

Both women come to the ring, with Sasha Banks and Naomi serving as bridesmaids. Truth gets Dana Brooke’s name wrong and she corrects him. The fans try to “what?” Truth but he tells them not to, then instructs Dana to read her vows. Brooke reads her vows and the fans “what?” her as well. Reginald tries to speak but the fans are getting real rambunctious and Truth tries to settle them. Tamina and Tozawa don’t give any real vows and the fans cheer.

Truth asks if there are any objections and Tamina says yes, then switches Reggie and Tozawa. Truth says he wasn’t expecting that and asks if there are any further objections, then Tamina switches herself and Tozawa so that she is with Brooke. They look like they might kiss and Truth says they’re gonna get him fired because he doesn’t even know if this is PG. They all switch back and the fans boo, then Truth announces them “committed” but he forget the rings.

They put the rings on and Truth tells them to get the smooches on. The two couples kiss to make things official and Reggie takes Dana down and pins her! Tamina drops Reggie with a boot and pins him, then she lifts the title. Tozawa goes under her dress and rolls her up and he takes the title. Dana comes off the top in her wedding dress with a crossbody to Tozawa and she gets her title back! Dana jumps on R-Truth’s back and they run off together!

*Commercial Break*

Bobby Lashley is backstage for an interview. They show a video of MVP and Omos from earlier today. MVP says Lashley is about to learn how big of a mistake he made by going into WrestleMania solo. Well he’s moved on to bigger and stronger things. He’s moved on to Omos, a superior athlete in every way and if he made Lashley All Mighty, imagine what he can do with Omos. MVP says Omos wants to challenge Lashley to an arm-wrestling contest to prove his dominance. Omos says the All Mighty era is coming to an end. Lashley says he knows if he wants to get to MVP he’ll have to go through Omos. Yeah Omos is bigger than him but is he stronger? We’ll find out next week when he takes that arm wrestling contest and prove why they call him all mighty.

Cody makes his way to the ring where he will face a mystery opponent of Seth Rollins’s choosing, next.

*Commercial Break*

Cody Rhodes Vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings and they lock-up with Owens taking a side headlock. Owens transitions to the back and Cody gets himself out by taking the wrist but KO kicks him in the gut. Cody counters a back suplex by landing on his feet, then looks for the drop-down uppercut but Owens grabs his hand and stomps him. Cody knocks KO out of the ring and looks for a suicide dive but Owens catches him and hits a fallaway slam into the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Cody rallies against Owens but gets caught with a gnarly senton to the back. Owens mocks the fans and stomps the back, then hits Rhodes with a backbreaker and stretches him over the knee. Owens puts Cody on the middle rope and drives a knee into his back. Owens suplexes Cody for a two-count. He looks for it again but Rhodes blocks it and hits a suplex of his own.

Cody wants the CrossRhodes but KO spins around and hits him with a DDT for a near-fall. Owens goes to the top rope and looks for a swanton bomb but Cody gets his knees up. Both guys roll out of the ring and Cody runs around the ring and tackles Ko over the announce desk! Seth Rollins comes dancing back out to watch the rest of the match.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find both men battling on the top rope. Owens headbutts Cody off and hits the frog splash for a near-fall. Rhodes with a small package for a near-fall, then Owens wants a pop-up powerbomb but Cody counters with a Frankensteiner. Cody ducks a clothesline and connects with a superkick, then owens hits one and both men go down.

Rhodes runs and this time Owens connets with the pop-up powerbomb for a near-fall. Owens can’t believe it and Rollins is furious at ringside. Owens drags Cody to the corner and goes to the top rope. Rhodes hits Owens and climbs up alongside him but KO connects with a fisherman superplex and covers but Cody gets a boot on the bottom rope.

Cody rolls to the apron and Owens goes out and grabs him for a powerbomb but Rhodes flips him over and Owens lands hard. The referee starts his count and Rollins screams at Owens to “get your fat ass back in there”. Owens takes umbridge with the insult and walks off, giving Cody a win and leaving Seth irate at ringside.

Winner via count-out: Cody Rhodes

Cody isn’t happy with the result but he gets on the ropes and poses. Rollins runs up behind and shoves him off and Rhodes lands on the barricade. Rollins taunts Rhodes as the show comes to a close.

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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