Rey Mysterio is a household name in the professional wrestling business. He is arguably the most popular luchador of all time and there is a good reason for that. Mark Henry also explained how Rey Mysterio became a top star.

Mysterio returned to WWE in 2018 and since then has been involved in a variety of high profile feuds. Before that, he reached the top of the mountain in WWE back in 2006, where Mysterio win the World Heavyweight Championship.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry explained why Rey Mysterio became a major player despite his short height.

“It’s not really a Wheeler Yuta-Santino Marella story that struck me. Journeyman wrestler, luchador, cruiserweight, lot of matches and tags, but was not the main guy. And for whatever reason, Rey Mysterio started getting matches against the best guys because he was such a good worker, and then all of a sudden – BAM. He wins the World Heavyweight Championship. And it changed the trajectory of his career, it changed the way people viewed him. It turned him into a major player and he went on to face people like John Cena, Mark Henry, The Big Show, Randy Orton, Batista – all of the biggest and best guys.


Regardless of the size, Mysterio always had a 50-50 match, because he had so much offense, and the people that brought in were so invested in him telling the story of the small guy trying to survive, but how was he going to beat this dude? This dude is way bigger thn him. And it would happen. And it captivated us as talent, but more than anything, it captivated fans, and everybody knows who Rey Mysterio is.”

Rey Mysterio did not have a good run as the World Heavyweight Champion. He is one of the active stars in WWE right now and is more than happy with his current position in WWE.

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