Roman Reigns is Head of the Table in WWE and he currently holds both of the company’s top titles. That’s not likely to change, but anything can happen in WWE.

A report came out saying that WWE plans for Roman Reigns to keep his titles until WrestleMania next year. We asked around about that and received some clarification.

Ringside News was told by a tenured member of the creative team that Roman Reigns is likely in store for a lengthy title reign. However, “the reports of ‘Roman will be champion for long term’ is typical internet click bait.”

The fact is that “there are no plans for Roman to lose the title.” That being said, there are also no title defenses lined up for the Tribal Chief yet. Brock Lesnar isn’t working WresteMania Backlash, and he was never booked for that event. At this time, WWE hasn’t slotted anyone in to step up and face Roman Reigns just yet.


It’s not likely that Vince McMahon will book Roman Reigns to lose the titles next week, or even within the next month. He will have as long of a reign as Vince McMahon books for him, despite the amount of creative pull that Reigns has. You can never forget that Vince McMahon will book things as he sees fit and nothing is definite in WWE.

Unless Roman has something in writing guaranteeing he’ll be champion for a length of time, there are no guarantees. Just no plans otherwise, right now, today.

“You can never say never in WWE,” might be a tired phrase, but it is forever applicable. Roman Reigns is still going strong and it appears his dominance will continue for a long time as champion. Just because there are no plans for him to lose the title doesn’t mean that can’t change.

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