Max Caster of The Acclaimed has become one of the fan favorites in AEW. This is largely due to his impressive rapping skills and solid in-ring skills. Caster also reacted to John Cena praising him recently.

Caster is not without his fair share of controversies, as he got into trouble for rapping Simone Biles’ mental health and the Duke lacrosse team. He was suspended and once he came back, Tony Khan approves Max Caster’s lyrics from now on.

Recently, John Cena stated that he does not think he could beat Max Caster in rap battle. While speaking during a virtual signing with Golden Ring Collectibles, Max Caster addressed what John Cena said about him. Caster stated that Cena has been very nice to him when he did not need to be.

“John has been very, very nice to me and when he didn’t need to. He reached out and he made that public so I’m allowed to say it now so he reached out and then he said things publicly about me in Forbes and that means a lot to me. So, it’s never been about beating him in a rap battle. It’s about trying to get past the point of people saying I’m a Thuganomics rip-off. Am I to an extent? Maybe. He’s a huge influence on me, one of my favorite wrestlers.


The guy, I will say in 2004 that got me back into watching wrestling. So, I take that energy and propel it forward and say, maybe there’s people now in 2022, even last year who fell out of wrestling that they hear there’s this rapping guy on wrestling now and he does these disses and they are hilarious and you watch it and you say, ‘Oh, this is my guy.’ You listen to the mixtapes, songs or diss tracks that I put out, the music videos, you say, ‘Wow, this guy actually has some skill.’

So, to me it’s not about beating John at anything. It’s about paying homage, paying respect and elevating what he did and I think, by his own admission, that I’m there, I’m doing it and I hope to continue doing that.”

Max Caster is currently one of the rising stars in AEW. It remains to be seen whether the company will have something huge planned for him in the future.

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