Max Caster raps his way to the ring, but he doesn’t get to freestyle. Tony Khan had to put his foot down after a joke about Simone Biles went wrong.

As exclusively reported by Ringside News, on the August 3, 2021, episode of AEW Dark, Caster cut one of his usual pre-match raps, which had offensive comments on Simone Biles’ mental health and Duke Lacrosse rape accusations. The rap aired during the premiere of AEW Dark but it has been edited out of the video, later on, on-demand. He was suspended for that infraction, as we exclusively reported; something Caster and others tried to deny at the time.

On the Rob Brown Show, Tony Schiavone was asked if he is ever worried about what Caster and MJF are going to say since these two seem to have no control when they have their microphones in their hand.

“With MJF, I am, because he has a tendency to be out of line. Max Caster, no, because that’s pretty much been put under wraps. Tony (Khan) has to approve what the rap is now. That’s burned him. I don’t know what he said one time, I can’t remember exactly what he said, but he got suspended because of a rap one time,” Tony Schiavone said on the show.


According to Tony Khan, the rap should never have aired. Caster was off television since that episode until he returned on the September 4 episode of AEW Dark.

While Speaking of MJF, Schiavone said, “MJF is like, well he’s out of his mind. They were chanting one night about his religion, being Jewish, and he said something about Jesus Christ. When he said it, I remember thinking, ‘He is out of his freaking mind.’ I went backstage and I went, ‘why would you say something like that?’ He said, ‘Did you hear what they were chanting about me and my religion?’ ‘Yeah, but stop.’ He concerns me.”

In fact, Schiavone has lately had a lot of interactions with MJF since MJF joined the commentary booth on AEW Dynamite.

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