For years, Drew McIntyre has been pitching the notion of WWE holding a large show in the United Kingdom. The Scottish Psychopath is a two-time WWE champion, and he feels his achievements in the ring merit the opportunity to earn a big time match against Roman Reigns.

On September 3 at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, WWE will host a show in the United Kingdom. This will be WWE’s first significant UK event since Summerslam in 1992.

During a recent interview with BTSport, McIntyre was asked who he would like to compete against. The potential opponents mentioned were Roman Reigns, Gunther, and Tyson Fury.

“Roman. He’s the Champion. That’s been the situation…I’ve been away from the title for a long time. Roman’s been so dominant and the best work of his career. We’re on a collision course. It is five months away if somehow we could avoid each other for five months that would be such a big match. Especially on UK soil, I can’t imagine the atmosphere for that match


During the podcast, Drew indicated interest in facing Gunther. Both wrestlers are good friends and have shown interest in a singles battle.

When it comes to Gunther, that’s been a match himself and myself have been talking about it for a long time and we’ve never had a big singles match, but for right now, I think let’s educate the world on the big stage about who Gunther, formerly Walter, is. We know what he can do, the hardcore fans know what he can do, but let’s just get the general public familiar with him and see what he’s capable of.”

Drew vs Tyson Fury is also a possibility, as he expressed great interest towards him. We can expect for the two to have a showdown in Saudi Arabia soon. WWE previously discussed Drew Vs Fury at a UK event in 2020, but the Covid-19 Pandemic squashed those plans.

What match will we witness? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Let’s hope WWE will treat Drew McIntyre like a serious competitor and not like a joke. The UK show should be Drew’s time to shine.

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