Tony Khan is notorious for his love of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Bits of inspiration from the groundbreaking promotion can be seen throughout AEW. There is plenty of blood, lots of huge surprises, and even the use of licensed music that all pay homage to Paul Heyman’s company.

Khan recently purchased Ring of Honor and was tasked with booking the already-scheduled Supercard of Honor pay-per-view during WrestleMania weekend. It comes as no surprise that TK took some cues from a show which resurrected his favorite brand. Tony was heavily inspired by WWE’s production of ECW: One Night Stand.

Khan recently talked to Rasslin’ and spoke about how he built the pay-per-view. The AEW head didn’t want it to be a simple tribute show. Tony also wanted to capture the spirit of the promotion and make it more than just an AEW event.

“I felt like I wanted to strike while the iron was hot with Ring Of Honor, not do like cold tribute matches. But on the other hand, One Night Stand is one of the greatest PPVs, because they captured the spirit of ECW, and there was a lot of exciting stuff on the show. Apples and oranges, they’re totally different shows. I thought, ‘Hey, we can do a show that captures the spirit of AEW. I don’t want to do an AEW show.’ That is what was great about One Night Stand, it was not a WWE show.


Ring Of Honor Supercard was a Ring Of Honor show. With Ian and Caprice announcing, with Bobby ring announcing. Bringing in some stars from AEW, really only FTR were the only outside stars that hadn’t been primarily in Ring Of Honor. Other than, I guess, Swerve. But ironically, Ring Of Honor had bookd Swerve before I did. So, Swerve was already committed to that before he had come to AEW.”

Supercard of Honor was very well-received by fans. The pay-per-view was successful, boasting over 20,000 buys. Fans are very excited about the future of Ring of Honor.

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