Ronda Rousey was not in the main event of WrestleMania 38 on Saturday night. She did say that she main eventing the show of shows previously in the week. A report came out that she was upset about nothing getting to close out the night, but she called cap on that. Now we are getting a bit more to that story.

During Wrestling Observe Live, Bryan Alvarez reacted to Ronda Rousey clapping back against his story about her WrestleMania reaction. He stood by his previous statement that he was told by people close to Rousey that she was not happy about things.

“I must say something about Ronda. Some people don’t understand how this whole reporting thing works and rigth and wrong. Listen, I have friends who are friends with Ronda, okay? They’ve been talking to me about Ronda since she came to WWE. I was told that Ronda was furious that she was not main eventing WrestleMania. I didn’t say she almost quit. I was told that she was furious about it and she left the Hall of Fame on Friday, but she came back on Saturday and she ended up doing the match. Ronda did a post and said that it was an honor to work under ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and the reason she left the Hall of Fame because she had to feed her baby. Her friends told me that she was furious about it too. I’m just telling you what happened. There’s no lying going on here. There’s nothing being made up. There are two sides to this story.”

Ronda Rousey might have really been upset about not main eventing the show of shows. It might also be true that she left the WWE Hall of Fame to take care of her baby. We’ll have to see if she addresses it, but there seem to be two sides to this story.


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