Johnny Knoxville is called Jackass for a reason. The reality TV star took on WWE superstar Sami Zayn in the most stupendous WrestleMania of all time. The two squared off in an anything goes match on the second night of WrestleMania 38.

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The match was all sorts of chaotic as it involved booby traps for Sami, courtesy of the Jackass star. Sami looked to end the match early with a helluva kick but decided against.

Knoxville brought a trash can to the ring, only for him to get hit with it. Party Boy emerged to cause a distraction for the former Intercontinental champion by stripping down to his underwear.


After taking out Party Boy with a clothesline, Sami looked under the ring. Knoxville came with another interference for the WWE superstar in the form of Wee Man, who bodyslammed Sami.

The entire Jackass crew banded together to pull out a giant mousetrap from beneath the ring. Knoxville saw the opportunity and tazed Sami. He then pinned Sami by trapping his shoulders in the mousetrap.

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