Nyla Rose has large following, and some of them would like to see her produce more content. The recommendation that she open an OnlyFans page has come in her notifications on multiple times. She’s made jokes about opening an account before but now it seems she finally did it.

Rose recently took to her Instagram to announce that she has jumped into the OnlyFans space. Her account is now open and it is free. So far she has just uploaded shots of the crowd at AEW events. We would post those shots here, but anything put on OnlyFans is copyright protected to the highest degree.

She described this as the greatest act she has ever done single-handedly. It seems the wait is over and fans can now expect exclusive content from the superstar.

This may single-handedly be the greatest thing I have ever done… A lot of work went into this over the past few months. You all have been asking for this for a while, THE WAIT IS OVER! ENJOY!!! 🥰🥰💋😉🙃



The description for her profile reads: “The Official OnlyFans page of Nyla Rose, showcasing Only her Fans💋 did I do this right? 🤷🏽‍♀️ APRIL FOOLS, GOTCHA”

When it comes to AEW television’s women’s section, Nyla Rose is one of the company’s constants. As transgender wrestler, she is often the target of unjustified hatred. Regardless, Nyla Rose recognizes her worth and is unapologetic about it. The Native Beast also has people like Buff Bagwell on her side.

Nyla Rose recently defeated Ruby Soho in a singles match and has been regaining momentum following a brief setback in AEW. We’ll have to wait and see if she can win the AEW Women’s Championship. Check out her Instagram post below.

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