The Young Bucks made a statement about the treatment of professional wrestlers by fans over the weekend. Nick and Matt Jackson have become famous for using their Twitter profile to send out messages to fans and others in the wrestling world. The profile currently plugs Being the Elite, but over the weekend, the Jacksons used the untraditional method to send a message.

Fan interactions with pro wrestlers have become a hot topic as of late. Ricochet posted about fans camping out at airports and hotels seeking autographs. CM Punk is notorious for his feelings on the subject, as well.

The Bucks’ profile over the weekend stressed the many modern problems facing wrestlers today. In the past, things were very different. Backstage ribbing ran rampant and bullying was commonplace. The profile pointed out that while many of those practices are over, wrestlers still face all kinds of challenges.

“‘Today’s wrestlers aren’t tough anymore!’ Ridiculed, body-shamed, threat of cancellation, life’s work publicly mocked daily. But, nobody poops in our bags tho.”


Wrestling fans have occasionally gone overboard. Body shaming and threats of cancellation run rampant in the industry and are covered extensively by news outlets. One fan even attacked Seth Rollins during a live broadcast of WWE Raw last year.

The Young Bucks are frequently the target of criticism. Talking heads like Jim Cornette and others regularly bury their approach to the wrestling business. From time to time, The Bucks like to point out that while the old school mentality has evolved, it has left its fingerprints all over the sport to this day.

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