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We’ve reached the final episode of NXT 2.0 before the huge Stand & Deliver show on Saturday morning, and it’s set to be an action-heavy one. LA Knight teams with MSK to face Imperium, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen take on Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde, Joe Gacy challenges Draco Anthony, Ivy Nile battles Tiffany Stratton, and Nikkita Lyons will be in action again.

Elsewhere tonight we will also see a last-chance qualifying match for the North American Title Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver, between Roderick Strong, A-Kid and Cameron Grimes. The winner will join NA Champion Carmelo Hayes, Santos Escobar, Solo Sikoa, and Grayson Waller. And we expect more from Bron Breakker and NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler, ahead of their showdown on Saturday.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

Imperium are making their entrance to open this week’s NXT, but they get attacked by MSK and LA Knight! Knight and Gunther brawl into the ring and Knight clotheslines him over the ropes and out. Fabian Aichner gets in and Knight stomps him until the referee starts the match.

Imperium Vs. LA Knight & MSK

Aichner snatches a side headlock on Knight and holds him down in the centre of the ring. Barthel tags in and grabs an armlock on Knight as we see replays of the attack at the beginning of the show. Knight turns the tables on the submission and wrenches the arm of Barthel, but then gets slammed down and put back in the hold.

Knight fights back and tags Wes Lee, who immediately tags Nash Carter and the duo hit a double dropkick. Knight tags back in and tees-off on Barthel until Aichner tags in. Barthel blind-tags out and leaves the ring, allowing Aichner to attack a distracted Knight. Aichner beats LA into the corner and tags Gunther, who looks for the chop a few times but Knight avoids it twice before getting caught and dropped.

Aichner tags back in and body slams Knight against the ropes, then grabs a sleeper. Knight fights up with right hands to the gut but Aichner hits a headbutt to the stomach. Knight eventually counters and makes the tag. MSK rush-in and all Hell breaks loose. MSK clear the ring and Nash hits a dive to the floor, then Lee looks to make one but Gunther cuts him off with a boot to the face. Gunther and Knight talk trash as we head to the break.

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We return to see Lee counter an incoming Aichner with an enziguiri. Tags are made to Knight and Barthel, and LA lands a few clotheslines and knokcs Gunther off the apron. Knight with a body slam and an elbow drop for a two thanks to Aichner. Carter tags in and Knight throws him up for a dropkick to Gunther.

Carter looks for a springboard but Gunther trips him and he tumbles to the floor. Gunther and Knight start brawling at ringside and end-up fighting off into the ether. The match continues and Aichner tags in and boots Lee off the apron, then Barthel holds Carter’s foot so Aichner can hit a huge running clothesline and cover him for the pin and the win.

Winners: Imperium

Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai cut a promo togehter, in which they asy they created their team simply to get payback against Toxic Attraction. Mandy Rose thinks she can beat any woman in NXT, well let’s see if she can beat three of them at the same time. Ray says she will make sure the NXT Women’s Championship walks out with the best there is, then Shirai says it will because she will win. They both say “let the best woman win”.

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Dakota Kai is walking backstage, looking for Wendy Choo. She finds her pillow and PJ’s but not Wendy.

Ivy Nile Vs. Tiffany Stratton

Nile and Stratton lock-up with a test of strength and Ivy flips her over and grabs a wristlock. Tiffany turns the tables and hits a standing moonsault for a one-count. The two engage in a series of pin attempts before Stratton grabs a side headlock. Nile fights up but Stratton switches to an odd hold, then slams her down face-first.

Ivy starts firing off with punches and kicks and beats Stratton into the corner. Nile gets her down and applies a surfboard stretch but Tiffany won’t tap, so Ivy hits a curb stomp. Stratton rolls out but Nile brings her back in, then Ivy hits a clothesline. Sarray appears on the apron and distracts Stratton, allowing Nile to grab a choke and the win.

Winner: Ivy Nile

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Tommaso Ciampa is sitting backstage. He says that, when he arrived in NXT, he had a lot to prove to his fans, critics, and himself. It’s been a long journey with highs and lows, and much of his privacy has been displayed on TV but NXT has been his constant. Together they created black and gold magic. And he’s heard Stand & Deliver is the end of an area, so in Dallas they will create that magic one last time. Ciampa goes to throw his chair but instead he folds it and sets it against the wall where we can see it has the date of his first and last matches.

We see a highlight video package of NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Next Dolph is shown getting into a car and heading to Orlando earleir in the day. He says he normally heads to NXT straight from RAW and then gets the Hell out of there after the show is over. Because of Stand & Deliver though, he’s sticking around an extra day. Ziggler is shown doing interviews and spending time in the Performance Centre. He sarcastically asks how many interviews Breakker is doing and says nobody knows him outside Florida.

Ziggler says Breakker impresses him, considering how young and inexperienced he is, in fact if he was at this level at Bron’s age he would never have made it. And that makes him bitter and he wouldn’t have it any other way. People think Breakker is going to get his big moment on Saturday but his moment has come and gone. This is the DZ everyone has been asking for for years and he’s not about to let that go.

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Legado Del Fantasma Vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen W/Fallon Henley

The match starts with Wilde and Jensen, and the latter takes control following a flapjack and a spinning powerslam. Briggs tags in but gets caught with a jawbreaker and Mendoza gets the tag. Mendoza ducks and doges for a minute but gets grabbed with a bear hug. Briggs runs Mendoza into the buckles and Jensen tags in so they can hit a double team flapjack, then slide out and punch Mendoza leaning on the ropes.

Jensen wastes time starng at Elektra Lopez on the floor, and when he gets back in Mendoza dropkicks him. Jensen rolls out and Mendoza hits a baseball slide before tagging Wilde. Joaquin grabs the ring post and holds himself up in the air sideways before dropping onto Jensen with a splash! Legado keep Jensen in their corner and make lots of tags and hit repeated clotheslines and knees in the corner, followed by a double suplex.

Briggs finally gets tagged back in and runs over both Wilde and Mendoza with laiats and hits a splash to Mendoza. Wilde rushes at him and Briggs hits a pop-up backbreaker for a near-fall. Lopez causes a distraction, allowing Mendoza to walk along the top rope and hit a dropkick. Henley attacks Lopez on the floor, then Wilde hits a 450 splash to Briggs… but gets caught by the throat and chokeslammed! Briggs and Jensen hit a high/low for the win!

Winners: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen

Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell are talking backstage. Persia says Duke’s chest is almost better after Gunther’s chops because she’s been rubbing oil on it all week. They argue about who is the hotter couple, then agree to settle things in Dallas.

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Cameron Grimes is interviewed backstage and he says he is nervous about tonight because this is the biggest match of his career. A-Kid and Roderick Strong are excellent but they don’t need this like he does. This is about more than going to Stand & Deliver and grabbing the belt, it’s about delivering the promise he made to his late father.

Toxic Attraction come to the ring. Rose says Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai took her words out of context: she said she would fight any woman, she didn’t say at the same time. But she’s not scared. She’s the baddest bitch in the game and she has the greatest back-up this industry has ever seen. Toxic Attraction has been dominating NXT ofr six months and will continue to do so. This Saturday she will beat all three women and cement her legacy as the greatest NXT Women’s Champion of all-time.

However they have business to take care of tonight: Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai. They did them a favour in taking out Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez. They practically handed them the tournament but they failed them. It’s OK though, because Wendy Choo apologised – Gigi Dolan then empties a bag with Choo’s belongings. Dolan asks who is left and says they’ve beaten everyone there is. Jayne says the same thing and that they’ve embarassed all who’ve stepped-up.

Mandy says they will walk into Stand & Deliver with all the gold and walk out with it. Dakota Kai comes running out and attacks Toxic Attraction but the numbers get the better of her. Raquel Gonzalez then makes her return and runs through Jayne, Dolan and Rose. Former friends, Kai and Gonzalez, are the two left standing and the fans chant “yes!” They stare at each other for a minute, then Dakota jumps on her and they hug fiercely! Dakota and Raquel lift the WOmen’s Tag Titles that Gigi and Jacy left behind.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are interviewed backstage. Hayes says people need to put respect on his name because he’s the man who booked all the qualifying matches and they’ve all been bangers. And tonight they’re going to be at ringside for the final one. Grayson Waller and Sanga walk up and Waller says they’ll be at ringside too. Waller says he will do just about anything to go viral with the North American Championship. Hayes says Waller has to do lots of dumb stuff to be noticed, whereas he just walks in the room. Waller says his following is bigger than Hayes’.

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Bodhi Hayward W/Andre Chase Vs. Von Wagner W/Robert Stone

Jacket Time are on commentary. The match gets underway and Hayward takes the fight to Wagner as the fans chant his name. Bodhi tackles Wagner out of the ring and hits him on the floor. They get back inside but Wagner drops Hayward with a big boot. We see Sophia Cromwell watching from ringside, a new associate of Robert Stone. Wagner beats Hayward in the corner and hits a double-underhook suplex.

Hayward is sent to the apron but he shoulders Wagner and hits a sunset flip for a near-fall. Hayward hits a shoulder tackle, and looks for a second but Wagner catches him and htis a fallaway slam. Hayward starts firing back and hits a big shoulder tackle, followed by a standing spalsh. Hayward lifts Wagner but gets shoved into the turnbuckles. Von Wagner lifts Hayward and hits something of a modified Angle Slam for the win.

Winner: Von Wagner

After the match Von Wagner goes out and attacks Kushida, then throws Ikemen Jiro over the announce desk. Wagner gets Jiro in the ring and hits his Angle Slam, then takes his jacket off and rips it in half.

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Joe Gacy W/Harland Vs. Draco Anthony

The match starts and Draco grabs a side headlock. Gacy shoots him off and hits a shoulder tackle, then offers a handshake but Draco attacks him. Anthony hits a hip toss and whips Gacy to the corner before staring at Harland. Gacy takes advantage with a DDT and we see Quincy Elliot watching Harland from the crowd. Gacy grabs a submission on Anthony.

Draco tries to fight up but gets run into the corner and Gacy hits a STO for a two-count. Anthony hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and connects with a shoulde tackle. Gacy eats a splash in the corner and an exploder suplex. Gacy counters a suplex and grabs the back for a roll-up and a two-count. Gacy hits the handspring clothesline for the win.

Winner: Joe Gacy

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We get a video package for Bron Breakker, in which he says this it the biggest match of his life. His first run as Champion was about proving to himself and others that he can be the guy. That he’s ready to lead NXT. Breakker says Ziggler takes what he needs from NXT and gives nothing back. Bron says NXT is his life. He’s there every single day and it means everything to him. There’s too much on the line for him to fail. The culture of NXT means too much to him to let Dolph walk around with the title. He will take back the brand for the people who chant “NXT”.

Nikkita Lyons Vs. Sloane Jacobs

The match gets underway and they lock-up and Lyons grabs a headlock. Sloane shoots her off and Nikkita hits a shoulder tackle, then a body slam. Lyons hits a kick to the head for a near-fall. Lyons lifts Jacobs onto her shoulders but Sloane slides off and backs her into the corner where she kicks her arm a few times. Lyons ducks a punch and hits a German suplex, then lifts her for a Samoan drop. Lyons screams, then lands some kicks and a split leg drop for the win.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons

Lash Legend appear on the screen and she says that performance was about as impressive as a goldfish blowing bubbles. After Stand & Deliver she will prove why she is a better wrestler and a bigger star than Lyons.

Diamond Mine is backstage and Malcolm Bivens says Roderick Strong is about to win the Triple Threat qualifying match, then go on to Stand & Deliver and become the North American Champion. And The Creed Brothers are going to win the Tag TItles at the at show as well, leaving him with all the gold. The Creed Brothers get a text message from the two unknown assailants who wrecked their dressing room last week.

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Qualifier For North American Championship Ladder Match

A-Kid Vs. Roderick Strong Vs. Cameron Grimes

The match starts at 100mph with lots of counters and pin attempts between all three guys. Grimes takes both down with shoulder tackles but Strong then tries to grab him with the Stronghold, only for A-Kid to grab him from behind. Grimes attempts a Cave-In on A-Kid but he avoids it and all three stare at each other. Grimes tells Strong to kiss his grits and Strong runs but Cameron drops him with a boot to the chest.

Strong sends A-Kid into the corner following a hard forearm, and chops him. Strong does the same to Grimes, then whips him at A-Kid but Grimes monkey flips A-Kid into Strong and A-Kid hits him with a hurricanrana. Grimes then throws A-Kid up in the air and he comes down with a dropkick to Strong. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams waltz over and join the commentary team as A-kid takes control of the match.

A-Kid hits a springboard arm-drag and headscissors to Grimes and Strong at the same time. Strong rolls out and A-Kid dives through the ropes onto him. Grimes then kicks A-Kid from the apron and looks to dive onto Strong but gets grabbed and hit with a back suplex on the apron. Solo Sikoa appears on the ramp to watch the action as all three men are down and out on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Santos Escobar is shown to be watching from the crowd. A-Kid hits an incredible frog splash and all three men are down again. Grayson Waller and Sanga come walking down through the crowd to a chorus of boos. A-Kid jumps onto Strong but gets slammed onto Grimes, then Strong attempts to put both men in the Stronghold to no avail. Grimes attempts a roll-up for a two-count.

Grimes catches both men with a Frankensteiner at the same time, then clocks them with repeated forearms and kicks. Grimes goes up top and hits Strong with a high crossbody, then catches A-Kid with a spinning sidewalk slam but Strong breaks the pin. Roderick hits a running forearm to Grimes against the ropes but gets caught with a spinning sidewalk slam. A-Kid then catches Grimes with a gnarly DDT and they’re all down.

All three men slowly get up and trade chops back-and-forth. Strong hits A-Kid with a backbreaker, then catches Grimes with a running elbow and a knee in the corner. Stong with another backbreaker to A-Kid, then sends him into Grimes shoulder-first. Roddy lifts Grimes for a gutbuster, then catches A-Kid and drops him on top of Grimes. A-Kid kips-up right into a knee from Roddy, then Grimes connects with the Cave-In on Strong and wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Grimes is the final entrant in the North American Championship ladder match this Saturday. Hayes and Williams get on the apron and Carmelo congratulates Grimes but says he has no chance of winning. Santos Escobar gets a microphone and says he’s taking that tile back to la familia.

Grayson Waller then says family means nothing, the photo of him grabbing the title will go viral. Solo Sikoa tells them all to shut up and says this is about to be a fight. Grimes then says he’s taking the title to the moon and punches Hayes. Every single man starts brawling around the ring as the show comes to a close.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Remember, this is WrestleMania week and we have you covered. We’ll have live coverage of SmackDown on Friday, Stand & Deliver and WrestleMania Night 1 on Saturday, and Night 2 on Sunday. So, until next time, stay safe.

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