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Tonight’s NXT sees us closing in on the Stand & Deliver PPV and the feuds are really heating up. We’ll see two more qualifying matches for the North American Championship ladder match; Solo Sikoa Vs. Roderick Strong and Grayson Waller Vs. A-Kid. Meanwhile the final of the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic takes place with Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray facing Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai.

Other matches tonight sees Bron Breakker face Robert Roode, just a few weeks before he gets his hands on the NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler, and The Creed Brothers take on the Grizzled Young Veterans in a bid to find out who attacked them in the parking lot a few weeks back. Beyond that we expect to see more of Tommaso Ciampa and Tony D’Angelo, as well as Cora Jade and Mandy Rose.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

We see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arriving at the arena in a black sports car. He says we’ve got two people qualified for the ladder match at Stand & Deliver, but we’ve got two spots left and we’re about to see who’s next.

Qualifier For North American Championship Ladder Match

Solo Sikoa Vs. Roderick Strong

The match begins with Sikoa forcing Strong to the ropes but he gets taken down by the arm. Solo fights up and drops Strong with a big right hand. Strong is whipped to the corner but leaps over Sikoa, only to get caught with a shoulder tackle. Solo lands a series of kicks to the chest, then a headbutt. Strong attempts a kick but Sikoa catches it and drops him with a stiff clothesline.

Roddy lands some chops but Sikoa fires back and peppers him with some forearms, then body slams him. Sikoa with a falling headbutt for a near-fall and Strong rolls to the apron. Strong snaps Sikoa’s neck on the ropes, then gets back in and mounts him for some ground-and-pound. Strong stays in control of Sikoa and keeps him grounded for a few minutes. Sikoa fights back with some kicks but Strong catches one and counters with a backbreaker.

Strong eats some kicks but then fires back with a boot of his own as Sikoa rushes him, then slams him before grabbing a headlock. Solo struggles to his feet but Strong hits an Angle Slam for a near-fall. Suddenly Santos Escobar walks out onto the stage and watches the match. Strong wants a suplex but Sikoa lifts him up and throws him.

Sikoa connects with some right hands, an elbow, headbutt, and beats Roddy into the corner. Sikoa with a splash and a Samoan drop for a near-fall. Sikoa goes onto the top rope but Strong stops him with an enziguiri. Strong scales the ropes and grabs Sikoa for a superplex but Solo fights him off. Sikoa hits an Uso splash for the win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

We see a video from earlier today of Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are arguing backstage about a TMZ article and which of them is the hotter couple. Persia says Indi is jealous because she and Duke have stole their thunder. Hartwell says no way and they continue to bicker.

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Tony D’Angelo Vs. Dexter Lumis W/Indi Hartwell, Persia Pirotta & Duke Hudson

The match starts and Tony body slams Lumis and taunts him, but Dexter starts crawling towads him and Tony jumps. D’Angelo slams Lumis again but this time Dexter grabs him with The Silence! D’Angelo gets free and hits a belly-to-belly, then mounts Lumis for some punches. Tony hits the ropes but Dexter catches him with a Thesz press, then a falling forearm.

Lumis beats Tony into the corner, then takes him to the next corner and pushes his head back. Lumis whips Tony hard into the buckles, then picks him up for a fallaway slam. Dexter kips-up and picks D’Angelo up before delivering a stiff forearm to the side of the face. Tony fires back with right hands but eats an elbow. Lumis body slams Tony, then applies a sleeper.

D’Angelo hits a jawbreaker to get free, then rolls from the ring. Lumis chases after and punches Tony on the floor, then drags him up the steel steps but D’Angelo trips him and Lumis lands hard on the steps. D’Angelo puts his fedora back on and pats himself on the back the way Tommaso Ciampa would as we head to the break.

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D’Angelo has Lumis in a headlock when we return. Lumis tries to fight free but eats some right hands. Lumis fires back with rights of his own, then hits a clothesline and a bulldog in the corner. Lumis with a back suplex and a leg drop for a two-count. Dexter wants The Silence but Tony elbows him off, then both men hit clotheslines at the same time.

Both men are down when Duke Hudson suddenly rips his shirt off and attempts to rally Dexter. D’Angelo crawls to the corner and looks to grab his crowbar but Indi Hartwell takes it away. Persia Pirotta takes it away from Indi but then Tony grabs it and they struggle with the crowbar. D’Angelo pulls it away from Persia and inadvertently hits Lumis while the referee is turned around. Tony capitalises with a swining fisherman suplex and wins.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo

After the match Tony D’Angelo gets on the microphone. He says he didn’t come out last week to pay tribute to Tommaso Ciampa. The new don of NXT arrives at Stand & Deliver. Ciampa’s music hits and he comes in from behind and hits Tony with the Fairytale Ending! Ciampa says Tony doesn’t get to say when he’s done. Stand & Deliver may be his final chapter in NXT, and if it is he’ll be writing his own damn chapter.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are interviewed backstage. Roode says he wants to talk about himself, the glorious one who is a former NXT Champion. He dominated the brand for over a year. Paved the way for where NXT is today, and without him there would be no Bron Breakker. Ziggler says Bron is two weeks away from the biggest match of his life, but tonight Roode will pummel him. Breakker is finding out that he is no match for the former and current NXT Champion.

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Elektra Lopez W/Legado Del Fantasma Vs. Fallon Henley W/Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

The match begins and Elektra slams Henley down face-first. Lopez trash-talks her but Fallon fires back with some right hands, then connects with a dropkick. Lopez catches Henley and hits a stung gun, then stomps her against the ropes. Elektra slings Fallon acros the ring by the hair, then picks her up for a wheelbarrow facebuster. Lopez violently shakes Henley by the hair, then slams her down.

Lopez grabs a submission but she won’t quit. Elektra then puts Henley on the bottom rope and chokes her with her foot. Suddenly Legado Del Fantasma and Jensen and Briggs begin brawling at ringside and they just fight off and disappear. Henley blocks a slam into the buckles and knocks Elektra back, then hits a bulldog. Henley gets countered and hit with a powerbomb and that’s that.

Winner: Elektra Lopez

Draco Anthony and Xyon Quinn are backstage when Anthony throws his phone away. Joe Gacy is sending him constant videos and messages about joining him and Harland. Quinn says he knows what he needs to do: handle his business lke a man, and he’ll have his back.

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Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai are interviewed backstage about the Dusty Cup finals tonight. Choo says last year Kai won the tournament with her best friend and she’s going to win it tonight with her new best friend. She rants a moment but Kai cuts her off and says Raquel was a great partner and she wasn’t sure it would work with Choo but they’ve been great. And tonight she will put her name on the trophy for the second time.

Bron Breakker Vs. Robert Roode W/Dolph Ziggler

The match starts with a lock-up and Roode gets the better of Breakker. They do it again and this time Bron drops Roode with a shoulder tackle, then gets down on all fours like his old man. Roode puts Breakker in the corner and punches him a few times. Roode hits the ropes, drop down, and looks for a leap-frog but Breakker catches and slams him.

Roode and Ziggler start walking up the ramp but Breakker runs out and attacks Roode. Bron beats Roode back into the ring but stops to trash talk with Dolph and when he rolls in Roode stomps him. Roode stays on top of Bron for a minute, then hits a suplex but Breakker kips right back up. Breakker beats Roode into the corner and looks for a spear but Ziggler helps Roode avoid it. The referee ejects Dolph from ringside!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Roode is in control of Bron. Roode rubs Breakker’s face on the rope but Bron punches him into the corner. Bobby kicks him back and hits a blockbuster for a two-count. Roode catches Breakker with a kitchen sink knee, then does some push-ups to taunt him. Breakker whips Roode to the ropes and looks for a back body drop but Roode kicks him and hits a neckbreaker for another near-fall.

Roode goes to the top rope but Bron attacks him and climbs up alongside. They brawl on the top rope for a minute, then Bron his a super Frankensteiner! Breakker rallies in the corner, then hits some shoulder tackles and a belly-to-belly. Roode ducks a clothesline and hits a spinebuster for a near-fall. Roode waits for Bron to get up and wants the Glorious DDT but Breakker counters, then hits a mighty spear and crawls to the cover but Roode kicks out!

Breakker picks Roode up for the military press but Roode slips off and hits the Glorious DDT! Both men are down and Roode crawls to make the cover but Bron kicks out! The fans chant “that was three”, then “this is awesome” . They climb to their feet while trading shots back-and-forth, and Roode gets the better of the exchange. Roode goes to the middle rope and jumps but gets caught in mid-air with the powerslam and Bron scores the win in a great match.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Breakker is walking up the ramp but Ziggler appears behind him and superkicks him when he turns around. Ziggler yells at Bron that he will only ever get the NXT Championship when he decides to give it up.

Hartwell, Lumis, Pirotta and Hudson are backstage and Indi asks if Persia gave Tony D’Angelo the crowbar but she says she didn’t. Persia says it’s not her fauly Dexter can’t get the job done, unlike Hudson who could beat anyone. Lumis goes to nearby easel and starts drawing while Duke gets annoyed and wants to know what he’s doing. He turns his picture around and there’s a sketch of Gunther, and Indi asks if Hudson could beat him? Persia says of course he can but Hudson isn’t confident.

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We’re back at Chase University and Bodhi Hayward gives a speech about how Chase U has taught him resilience. He says Von Wagner has been standing in his way but… one of the students raises their hand. Bodhi loses it the way Andre Chase normally does but Chase stops him and asks where he learned to talk like that? Bodhi says he learned it from Chase, then Andre says “that’s beautiful”. They both get excited and swear about beating Von Wagner.

Qualifier For North American Championship Ladder Match

A-Kid Vs. Grayson Waller W/Sanga

The match starts with a lock-up but A-Kid hits a springboard arm-drag and Waller rolls from the ring. A-Kid wants a dive but Sanga gets in the way. Waller tries to jump A-Kid from behind but eats a dropkick. Solo Sikoa is out watching as Waller slings A-Kid into the middle rope neck-first. Waller puts A-Kid on the middle buckle and kicks it. A-Kid catches Waller with a roll-up for two, then Grayson drops him with a stiff boot to th chest.

Waller lifts him up for a powerbomb but A-Kid counters with a hurricanrana, then dropkicks Grayson out of the ring. A-Kid looks for a suicide dive but Waller avoids it and rolls him back in. Waller looks for the rolling Stunner through the ropes but A-Kid catches him with a chokehold in mid-air! Waller fights free and A-Kid looks for a springboard but Waller counters with a springboard Russian leg sweep! Waller goes outside and this time lands the rolling Stunner and scores the win.

Winner: Grayson Waller

After the match Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams appear at ringside and Hayes says they’re still missing one man for the ladder match. Well how about next week they take the three losers, Roderick Strong, Cameron Grimes, and A-Kid, and put them in a qualifying triple threat match? Hayes then stands up to A-Kid and says he may be a kid but he’ll never be the A Champion. A-Kid hits an enziguiri, then rolls out before Trick can get his hands on him.

Von Wagner and Robert Stone are backstage and Stone is trying to teach Wagner something about etiquette. Sofia Cromwell marches up to them and says she wants to talk to Stone and they walk off.

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Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. The Creed Brothers

Before the match can even start, the Veterans cheap-shot the Creed’s. The match starts with Brutus and James Drake, and Brutus hits two gutwrench suplexes. Brutus, on all fours, headbutts Drake like a dog before tagging his brother. Julius knees Drake and trash talks him. Drake jumps on Julius’s back with a sleeper and they back up into the corner wher Zack Gibson tags in.

Julius catches Gibson with a belly-to-belly, then grabs his leg and applies a stretch muffler. Drake tags back in and they double-team Julius, then Drake jumps off Gibson’s back with poetry in motion to Brutus on the apron. The Veterans surround Julius, who takes his straps down and starts teeing off on them both. Drake attacks him from behind, then delivers kicks to the back and tags Gibson.

The GYV foreram Julius over-and-over, then Gibson talks trash and clobbers him with another forearm. Tag to Drake again but Julius shoves Gibson into the ring post. Drake feigns a knee injury but Julius hits him with a running tackle to the knee. Brutus tags in and the brothers hit a double-team slam, then Brutus connects with a basement clothesline for the win.

Winners; The Creed Brothers

After the match we see a ideo of The Diamond Mine’s training room and two guys are wrecking it. They’re wearing hoodies to hide their identity, and one of them is texting, which appears on the screen to say Diamond Mind can’t find them, so they’ll come to them.

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Gunther w/Imperium Vs. Duke Hudson W/Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell

They lock-up and Gunther forces Duke back to the corner, then looks to chop him but Hudson ducks it. Gunther grabs a headlock, gets shot off and drops Duke with a shoulder. Duke lands some right hands but Gunther fires back and whips him to the corner, where Hudson kicks him away. Gunther catches Hudson with a nasty chop to the chest, then pulls his nose back and elbows him.

Gunther hits another chop to the chest that practically deafens the crowd, and Duke’s chest is bright red. Gunther looks for a clothesline but Hudson ducks it, then connects with a clothesline of his own. Hudson chops Walter in the corner but the Austrian fires right back with one of his. Gunther lifts Duke and sets him on the apron, only to eats a shoulder.

Hudson leaps over the ropes and hits a German suplex for a two-count. Hudson grabs Gunther and wants a crucifix powerbomb but Gunther escapes and clotheslines him down. Gunther tells Persia this for her, then viciously chops Hudson multiple times in the corner, kicks him in the gut, and drags him out for a powerbomb and scores the win.

Winner: Gunther

After the match, Gunther says he is the most dominant competitor in NXT but he gets overlooked. It is a disgrace that someone like LA Knight can talk himself into the title picture. Before he can continue, Knight’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Gunther tells Knight to shut up and says he represents everything that is wrong with wrestling: lots of talking but no skill. He talks his way into main events but he can’t win them.

Knight tells Gunther to listen and if he interrupts him agian he’ll knock his block-head off his dad-bod. Knight says Stand & Deliver is right around the corner and he was goin to use his words to get a match, but how about he try a different appraoch. Knight slugs Gunther with a right hand but Imperium start attacking him. MSK rush out to make the save and the fans boo them loudly. MSK and Knight clear the ring.

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Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic


Wendy Choo & Dakoa Kai Vs. Kay Lee Ray & Io Shirai

Toxic Attraction are in the Toxic Lounge to watch this match. We kick things off with Shirai and Choo, who lock-up and grapple for control. They exchange counters until Shirai stomps Choo and tags Ray so they can hit some double team kicks. Choo dodges Ray in the corner and counters a suplex to hit a drop-toe-hold, then uniquely pins her for a two.

Dakota tags in and works with Choo to hit a flurry of kicks to the face of Ray in the corner. Ray whips Kai into the corner and runs at her but Dakota jumps up and rolls her up for a two-count. Shirai tags in as Ray drops Dakota on the middle rope, then Io looks for the 619 but Wendy throws a pillow up to block the impact! Shirai kicks Wendy away, then knocks Dakota out of the ring. Shirai and Ray hit nasty suicide dives to Choo and Kai on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Choo hits Ray with some clotheslines, a belly-to-belly, a splash in the corner, and a sleep drop for a near-fall. Ray wants a gory bomb but Choo counters and sends her into Shirai, knocking her off the apron. Choo rolls Ray up for a near-fall, then takse her to the corner and tags Kai. Shirai returns but Choo throws her out of the ring, then Kai boots Ray in the face and Choo jumps up for a belly-to-belly off the top!

Kai covers Ray but she kicks out and it seems Toxic Attraction have moved down to ringside. Kai counters Ray and sends her to the ropes. Shirai tags in and hits Kai with a stun gun, then knocks Choo off the apron and hits a 619. Ray tags in and dives onto Kai with a senton and pins but Wendy breaks it up. Choo sends Shirai into the ring post and Dakota hits Ray with a backbreaker.

Kai goes up top and hits a double stomp to Kay Lee, then Choo tags in and hits a splash. She covers but Io dropkicks Kai into them to break the pinfall. All four women are down in the ring. Shirai blocks a kick from Kai and hits a backbreaker. Choo slams Shirai with a full nelson slam, but then Ray grabs her for the KLR Bomb. Shirai tags in and hits the moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winners: Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray

As the confetti flies for Shirai and Ray, Toxic Attraction enters the ring and Rose tells them to cut the music. She congratulates them but says Wendy and Dakota blew it. She says that if they think for one second they can beat Gigi and Jacy, they’re sadly mistaken. Ray says her and Io agree. When they got into this tournament it was to destroy Toxic Attraction. And the best way to do that is to go after the leader and take what is hers.

Ray says that Mandy says she’ll fight anyone for the title, well her and Shirai don’t want the tag titles. Instead, they’re going to cash-in their title shot and make the NXT Women’s Championship match at Stand & Deliver a Fatal 4-Way. The fans don’t seem to want that. Dolan throws her drink in Ray’s face, then all five women start brawling. Cora Jade rushes down to even the odds and the babyfaces clear the ring.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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