Big E suffered broken neck on the March 11th edition of WWE Smackdown. Since then, he has been well sent on the long road to recovery for c1 and c6 fractures. On social media platform today, he tweeted about his first doctor’s appointment following the injury.

Big E took to Twitter to share how much he appreciates his life even more now than before after doctor told him he narrowly escaped death. He expressed that his life feels more valuable and precious compared to the past.

Had my first doctor’s appointment and learning (because of the C1 fracture) I narrowly escaped a stroke, paralysis or death is very sobering. Life feels even more precious and valuable now.


As we saw on SmackDown, Big E landed his entire body weight on his neck after getting released off a German Suplex; at the time, nobody would have thought he was close to getting paralyzed, but it did look excruciating.

Although it was revealed that Big E is not in need of surgery, his recovery process is really long one. He won’t be able to return to wrestling anytime in the near future. Even if he gets medically cleared at the end of next year, he’ll still have to do a lot of training to get back in shape, as his current condition has restricted him from any heavy movements that might vibrate his neck.

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Bhupen Dange

Bhupen is a freelance writer for Ringside News and Thirsty For News; he is pursuing further studies in Computer Science. Since high school, he has actively participated in athletic activities, and when he is not playing video games, he spends his time in the gym training, watching movies, and walking his dog outside.

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