William Regal is a legend of the business and there’s no denying that. The Englishman had an illustrious career in the ring during which he squared off with many legends and up and comers.

Regal recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho to talk about his legendary in-ring career, injuries, health, and much more. The former WWE Intercontinental champion also shared some interesting facts about his last match.

“I had a match with Cesaro, someone I’ve known for a long time and think the world of. Got to put him over. That wasn’t actually my last match because the following year, 2014, we went to Dubai to do a tryout and Sami Zayn came.

“At the end of it, pretty much everybody there, none of them had seen pro wrestling. At the end of this tryout, I thought, ‘lets give them a flavor.’ I felt a bit froggy. Sami Zayn was there because he speaks Arabic.


“I’ve always gotten very on with Sami from when I first met him in Toronto and he came as an extra. He didn’t have his mask on, but I knew who he was. He was with Bryan.

“I’m happy for younger talent that always does well, I was never the old miserable (guy). I might put somebody in their place every now and again if I think they are getting above themselves. Like, ‘Get a grip’ a little bit.

“I wish sometimes, once I got to a certain age, I wish people had done that to me. I needed it. Nobody would do it. I had a match with Sami. That was actually my last match, in Dubai in front of about 30 people at the tryout.”

These days, Regal is busy managing Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and other AEW stars who wish to embrace the violent side of professional wrestling. Here’s a clip of Regal slapping the taste out of upstart Wheeler Yuta.

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