RK-Bro is one of the most entertaining tag teams in WWE at the moment, thanks to the great chemistry between Randy Orton and Matt Riddle. The duo recaptured the RAW Tag Team titles last week on Monday Night RAW. They both have something in common other than pro wrestling, and those weed jokes are starting to become very evident.

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During this week’s RAW, WWE booked a championship celebration segment. The tag team champions appeared to loud cheers from the crowd. Orton told Riddle he wanted to show his appreciation for his partner and more importantly his friend.

Riddle said he appreciated Orton’s kind gesture and talked about his love of popcorn. The former United States Champion asked Orton if the popcorns were from Truelieve, a cannabis company that exists in real life. Yes, mentioning the name of that Florida dispensary got a nice reaction from the crowd who knew what was up.


This isn’t the first time Riddle or Orton have referenced cannabis during live shows or behind the scenes. The Legend Killer botched weed joke during an episode of Monday Night RAW last month. Riddle has also spoken quite openly in the past about blazing with Snoop Dogg before WrestleMania few years ago.

Orton has also credited Riddle for growing his favorite strain, which he believes is the reason behind their happiness in the ring. It is great to see the bond the two have developed in the ring and behind the scenes.

We’ll have to see what kind of jokes RK-Bro throws out there next, but they’re getting quite good at sliding in some THC humor.

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