Randy Orton and Matt Riddle wrapped up their academic challenge with Alpha Academy on last night’s WWE Raw. The show took place in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, so it was no surprise that RKBro made some weed references. This time, it was Randy Orton’s turn to flub a line.

During the spelling portion of the challenge a few weeks back, Otis botched the spelling of one of his words. This time, as Randy and Riddle made pot joke during the challenge, Randy slipped up. The crowd thought it was funny enough that they forgave him. Denver is a laid-back audience, for some reason.

There was a question about how many grams are in an ounce. Riddle was getting ready to talk about calibrating his scales and how he knew the answer. Orton jumped in for the comedic moment.

“You think I’m the only one that bakes, bro? There are exactly, precisely, 28 grams in one ounce, thank you very much!”


Orton was correct and his team won a future title match against Alpha Academy. Unfortunately, Orton botched the joke a little bit. The crowd in Denver seemed like they were feeling good vibes and let the mistake slip.

Randy Orton has said he loves teaming with Riddle because Matt grows his favorite strain. The two probably had a blast during their time in the Rocky Mountains. Even with the slight verbal hiccup, the fans were loving RK-Bro’s stoner humor.

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