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Tonight’s RAW comes to us as something of a mystery – as it so often does as of late. At the time of writing, WWE has only announced that RK-Bro will host a celebration after winning the Tag Team Titles last week, and Kevin Owens will respond to Steve Austin accepting his WrestleMania invitation. As far as RK-Bro goes, tonight should shed light on their WrestleMania direction.

Beyond that it’s all guesswork but we can assume we’ll get more of Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair, Finn Balor and Damian Priest, and we might even see the new NXT Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Of course, Brock Lesnar is unlikely to appear, as is Stone Cold, but Seth Rollins still needs a dance partner for WrestleMania and we’ve all heard the rumours.


That’s the preview for tonight’s RAW. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


Monday Night RAW opens with a graphic acknowledging the passing of Hall of Famer, Scott Hall.

We see a replay of last week when Kevin Owens called for Stone Cold Steve Austin to appear on The KO Show on WrestleMania. The next day, Austin confirmed on Twitter that he would appear on the show with a promo in which he said Owens has awakened something inside him that he hasn’t felt for 19 years.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Owens says, “Hey yo!” and the fans cheer. He says what we’re looking at right now is the happiest Canadian camper in the world because he is going to WrestleMania! Owens said he used his superior Canadian intellect to get on the card this year. And since none of the yellow teethed Texans can turn down a challenge, he challenged the embodiment of Texas itself. And he knew Austin would accept.

Owens says he is proud of himself because now the entire world and the USA get to witness the most stupendous KO Show of all time when he stuns Stone Cold all over Texas. The only can that will be opened up in Texas is a nice Canadian beer. Owens doesn’t even like beer, but he’ll make an exception on that night. Nobody will be saying “Oh hell yeah” when he’s done with him. Everyone will be saying “Oh hell no” as they watch him beat the living hell out of Austin. Owens says, “And that’s the bottom line because KO said so!” Owens then hits the cameraman with a Stunner!

WWE United States Champion Finn Bálor makes his way to the ring. He’ll face Damian Priest in a non-title match next.

*Commercial Break*

Before the match can get underway, Austin Theory makes his way to the ring. We see replays of Theory challenging Pat McAfee to a match at WrestleMania, a day after Vince McMahon granted McAfee a match at the event. A week later, Theory returned to SmackDown and smacked the headphones off McAfee. McAfee then viciously attacked Theory. Austin will be on commentary for this match.


The bell rings, and Bálor takes Priest down with a Woo Dropkick. Bálor attacks him, but Priest knocks him back and hits a knee to the midsection. Priest throws Bálor to the corner, but Bálor spins him around and shoulders away at him. Bálor sweeps the legs and goes for a double stomp, but Priest moves.

Finn dropkicks Priest out of the ring. Balor goes to the apron and looks for a kick to the face, but Priest blocks it and knocks him down. Priest beats Balor at ringside and picks him up to hit a Razor’s Edge on the commentary table! Balor is wiped-out as we head to the break.

*Commercia Break*

Back from commercial and Priest gets a two count off a reverse STO. Chest kicks from Priest, followed by a rolling elbow. Balor fires back with some chops and leg kicks but Damian claps his ears with a double slap. Balor is sent to the corner but gets his boot up to block an incoming Priest, then trips him and hits a double stomp for a two-count.

Balor connects with a slingblade, but Priest then levels him with a roundhouse dropkick. Balor reverses a body slam into an inverted headlock elbow drop! Finn hits the shotgun dropkick, then goes up top but Theory jumps up and distracts him. Finn knocks Priest down with a kick, then goes out nails Austin with a shotgun dropkick on the floor! Back inside and Priest catches Balor with The Reckoning for the win.

Winner: Damian Priest

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage and asked if he has a clear path to WrestleMania. Rollins doesn’t answer the question.

Omos makes his way out to the ring. After the break he’ll be facing Commander Azeez in a “battle of the giants”.

*Commercial Break*

Omos Vs. Commander Azeez W/Apollo Crews

The two giants lock-up and struggle for control but Omos forces him back against the ropes, then clotheslines him over them. Apollo causes a distraction and allows Azeez to get back in and cheap-shot Omos. Azeez beats Omos into the corner but then Omos hits him with a crazy suplex, followed by the choke bomb for the easy win.

Winner: Omos

After the match Omos drags Apollo into the ring and hits him with the choke Bomb as well.

Kevin Owens approaches Seth Rollins backstage and tells him to stop being so glum, that he’s Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins and he can still have a WrestleMania moment. Owens reminds Rollins of his past WrestleMania’s and says the two of them can come up with something. Rollins has an epiphany and walks off smiling.

*Commercial Break*

Liv Morgan W/Rhea Ripley Vs. Queen Zelina W/Carmella

The match gets underway with a lock-up and Zelina slams Liv down. Morgan kips-up but Zelina hits her with a neckbreaker and transitions directly into a submission. Liv fights up but Zelina catches her with a running boot. Zelina is slung from the ring and when rushes back in Morgan hits a sunset flip for a two-count. Morgan then traps Zelina in her legs and rolls around the ring.

Morgan with a few kicks, then a dropkick. Liv looks for a rope-assisted kick but when she gets up Carmella appears on the apron and distracts her. Liv swings for Mella, who jumps down, and Zelina powerbombs Morgan. On the outside, Rhea Ripley walks Carmella down, whor ushes over to Corey Graves to protect her. Inside the ring, Liv hits Oblivion for the win.

Winner: Liv Morgan

The Architect, Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins makes his way to the ring and he looks to be in a very good mood.

*Commercial Break*

We see a lenghty replay of the recent goings-ons between Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, and Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins is in the ring and he says he a plan to get to WrestleMania. With less than three weeks to go he thought all hope was lost. When he and Kevin Owens lost the Tag Title match last week he thought it was over. But then his best friend reminded him that he is a visionary and a revolutionary and he has a plan. However he wants his best friend to be with him for this announcement.

Owens joins Rollins in the ring. Seth says KO has a talk show and his guest will be Stone Cold Steve Austin. But what if he also had a talk show? He could bring back the Rollins Report from the old days, and what if he interviewed Stone Cold as well? Owens says no, Seth can’t also have a talk show. This is a terrible idea. Owens tells Seth he needs to think more about this.

Rollins says Owens is right, there can only be one talk show, so how about they have a match tonight and the winner gets Austin? Owens is not happy whatsoever. They start bickering about it until out walks Sonya Deville. She says she likes the idea of a match, so they can do that tonight in the main event. And if Rollins wins, he will replace him at WrestleMania.

We see a replay of The Miz and Logan Paul on Miz TV last week. The Mysterio’s make their way to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens is complaining to Sonya Deville backstage about Seth Rollins potentially taking his place at WrestleMania, but she just laughs.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio Vs. The Hurt Business

Logan Paul and The Miz are on commentary for this one. Dominik starts against Shelton and catches him with a headscissors right away. Dominik drops Shelton on the middle rope and hits the 619 but then Cedric knocks him off the apron. Alexander tags in and grabs a waistlock on Dominik for a few minutes. Dominik tries to fight up but Cedric cuts him off.

Dominik lands some right hands and a jawbreaker. Hard to follow this match because they’re more interested in showing Miz and Paul on commentary. Rey knocks Benjamin off the apron and hits a springoard tornado DDT to Cedric for a near-fall. Mysterio hits a Frankensteiner to Cedric and he knocks Benjamin off the apron. Rey tags Dominik after a 619, then dives out of the ring onto Shelton. Dominik hits a frog splash for the win.

Winners: Rey & Dominik Mysterio

As soon as the match ends, Logan and Miz rush the ring and attack the Mysterio’s. Paul shoves Rey at Miz who looks for the Skull Crushing Finale but Mysterio kicks Logan away and throws Miz out of the ring. Rey and Dominik surround Logan, who swings for them but gets kicked and beat down. The Mysterio’s look for a 619 on Paul but Miz drags him out of the ring.

We see a replay of Edge’s new entrance and promo from last week’s RAW where he said he’s been reborn and he’s on a whole different level. Edge will be live, next!

*Commercial Break*

Edge makes his way to the ring with new music – still Alter Bridge but rather than ‘Metalingus’, it’s now ‘The Other Side’.

Edge says he is the benchmark of WWE. His synapses have been firing at such speed that it’s taken him some time to come to grips with that fact. He wants to put it in terms even the fans will understand: he’s better than everyone. Every single person in the industry. But since he came back two years ago he hasn’t shown that aptitude. The Edge that came back and was just happy to be there was weak.

That Edge was keen to please the fans, but he’s realised the fans don’t matter to him. He took his eye of the prize and let a man like Randy Orton to tear his tricep off the bone. Allowed Seth Rollins to walk into his home and piss all over his territory. Allow an Aquaman cosplayer like Roman Reigns to stack him and pin him at WrestleMania. If that Edge faced AJ Styles at WrestleMania, he’d get smoked. But that Edge is dead baby.

Now he sits on his mountain of omnipotence looking down on everyone. He won’t be judged by the fans, anyone in the locker room, and certainly not AJ Styles. From now on he will pass the verdicts and he’d apologise for that if he cared, but he doesn’t. So if AJ can make it WrestleMania, where two generational talents will meet for the first time, then he will be judged.

Bianca Belair is interviewed backstage and admits that her hair is an unfair advantage. But she only used it when Becky Lynch used it first. The only weapon she needs is her real talent and that’s what Becky is afraid of. She says it’s been very peaceful around here since Becky has been gone. And tonight she’s going to give Becky a preview of WrestleMania. And if Becky can’t speak now, she’ll be shut up for good after ‘Mania.

*Commercial Break*

Doudrop W/Nikki A.SH Vs. Bianca Belair

The match starts and Doudrop clubs Belair with axe handles. Belair is sent over the ropes but she punches Doudrop away and jumps back inside. Belair avoids Doudrop in the corner and leaps over her a few times, but misses a dropkick. Doudrop looks for a senton but Bianca rolls out of the way, then hits a handspring moonsault. The action spills out of the ring and Doudrop shoves Belair into the barricade, then looks for a cannonall but basically spikes herself.

*Commerical Break*

We’re back live and Doudrop slams Belair for a two-count. Belair reverses Doudrop and backs her into the corner for some shoulder tackles. Doudrop counters a suplex but Belair gets away, kicks her in the face, and hits a spinebuster. Belair uses the ropes to help her get Doudrop up for the Kiss of Death and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Bianca Belair

After the match Becky Lynch appears and drags Belair out of the ring. Becky sends Belair into the ring steps, then gets a steel chair. Lynch slams Bianca’s face into the chair, then drags her head through it and pulls her by the hair, throat-first into the ring post with the chair around her head! Becky shouts at her that next week she’s taking her hair.

We see a replay of Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair’s feud over on SmackDown. The two will fight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

*Commercial Break*

RK-Bro are in the ring for their championship celebration. We see a replay of the two of them winning the RAW Tag Team Titles last week. Riddle says they did it bro, they’re going to WrestleMania. Orton says he’s damn right they are. Earlier today he was doing some math and this year will be his 18th appearance at WrestleMania, but he thinks this will be the sweetest of all because he’s never been there as part of a tag team.

Orton reiterates that Riddle is his friend and says from day one Riddle never doubted him. He thanks Riddle and they hug. Orton says last time they won the belts, Riddle threw a party for them, so this time he thought he’d return the favour. They look around the ring at some crappy balloons and popcorn. Riddle says this is the best night of his career. Riddle is stoked for popcorn and gum and Orton points him to a little green bag.

The Street Profits come out and interrupt the celebration, but say they’re here to congratulate the new Champions. Riddle says this is great because they can all party together. Montez says they’re not here to party. They remind RK-Bro that they beat them a few weeks ago, so how about they run it back at WrestleMania? Orton says they don’t even understand what RK-Bro had to do to get those titles back, so the answer is no.

Dawkins says they’re not bro’s and Ford says maybe Randy misunderstood him but he wasn’t asking. They’re telling them that they’re facing them at WrestleMania. Orton says that nobody has ever told him what he’s going to do while in that ring, not The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, or Vincent Kennedy McMahon. And it certainly won’t be Montez Ford. So they need to leave before he starts listening to the voices inside his head and makes them leave.

Riddle talks Orton into accepting the match and they agree to it. Ford insults the celebration and the fans boo. They look to leave but Riddle stops them. Riddle says he doesn’t like Ford’s attitude and he doesn’t really want to wait to WrestleMania. The Profits look to say their catchphrase but Orton cuts them off and says they’re about to learn the three most dangerous letters in all of sports entertainment: RKO.

*Commercial Break*

Riddle W/Randy Orton Vs. Montez Ford W/Angelo Dawkins

The match starts with a lock-up and Riddle forces Ford back to the corner, then grabs a leg but the referee forces him off. Riddle shoots Ford to the ropes but gets caught with a shoulder tackle. Ford leaps over Riddle in the corner and rakes his back. Riddle hits a gutwrench suplex for a two-count, then delivers some kicks to the chest in the corner.

Riddle hits a stalling fisherman suplex, followed by a running senton for a two-count. Riddle picks Ford off the mat for another gutwrench but Montez counters with a roll-up for two. Ford clotheslines Riddle over the ropes to the floor, then goes up top and jumps at him. Riddle catches Ford and throws him overhead but Ford lands on his feet and runs up the steps, then jumps at Riddle with a clothesline.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Ford slams Riddle for a two-count. Ford heads to the top rope and jumps but Riddle rolls out of the way, then connects with a bicycle kick. Riddle hits a forearm in the corner, then looks for another but Ford catches him. Riddle slams Ford, who rolls to the apron. Riddle points to Orton before hitting a draping DDT before dropping down and punching the mat.

Riddle wants an RKO but Ford shoves him off. Ford lifts Riddle up but gets caught with an RKO! Suddenly Otis and Chad Gable attack Orton and Dawkins on the outside. Riddle tries to dives through the ropes onto Otis but gets caught, then slammed into the barricade. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner Via Disqualification: Riddle

After the match Gable and Otis slam Dawkins, then get in the ring. Otis hits a Vader Bomb on Ford, then Gable hits a moonsault. Alpha Academy pose and point at the WrestleMania sign.

A great video package airs for the incredible, revolutionary career of Razor Ramon, Scott Hall, who sadly passed away earlier today. The fans chant “Razor”.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens comes to the ring for the main event and we see a lenghty recap of his and Seth Rollins desperate attempts to get to WrestleMania. Rollins is interviewed backstage. He say he learned that not only does he need WrestleMania, but WrestleMania needs him. And he’s about to punch his ticket right now.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens Vs. Seth Rollins

If Rollins Wins He Replaces Owens at WrestleMania

Owens doesn’t want to engage but Rollins is dancing and singing. Owens attempts a Stunner but Rollins shoves him off, then the two of them start arguing. Rollins rushes him and they start hockey fighting. Owens counters a back drop with a kick, but gets hit with a snapmare and a kick to the back. Rollins connects with a leaping knee for a two-count.

The action spills out of the ring and Owens attacks Rollins’ knee. Owens gets Seth back inside and goes to work on the knee while trash talking him. Seth fights him off and rolls to the apron. KO wants a powerbomb on the apron but Rollins counters with a back drop. Rollins then hits a suicide dive but Owens catches him and hits a fallaway slam into the barricade. Owens with a senton on the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Owens is still in control of Rollins and hit s a clothesline in the corner, followed by a cannonball. The two besties start trading back-and-forth but Rollins gets the better of the exchange and hits a running forearm in the corner. Rollins is sent to the apron but comes back with a springboard knee and Owens is down. Owens rolls out of the ring and Rollins quickly follows-up with a suicide dive.

Rollins gets Owens inside but KO rolls right back out the other side. This time Rollins hits a suicide dive and Owens is sent flying over the announce desk. The referee counts and Owens gets back inside the count of eight but immediately eats Avada Kadavara. Rollins goes up top and land a frog splash but Owens kicks out! Rollins slowly lifts Owens and gets him on the top rope.

Rollins wants a superplex but Owens fights him and lands a spinning fisherman suplex for a near-fall! Owens goes up top for a swanton bomb but Rollins gets his knees up and both men are down. “This is awesome” from the fans. Owens looks for a Stunner but Rollins runs him into the corner where the referee is forced to bail from the ring to avoid impact. Rollins rolls-up KO but by the time the referee returns he kicks out. Seth berates the referee but Owens spins him around for as Stunner and wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Owens celebrates his huge win after the fact. He will get to host the Kevin Owens Show at WrestleMania with Stone Cold Steve Austin as his guest. Rollins stares at the WrestleMania and Corey Graves says his dreams of a WrestleMania moment have been “dashed”.

That’s it for this week’s RAW, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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