Eric Bischoff has been critical of AEW since the promotion started. The former WCW head has not been shy about pointing out what he feels are the mistakes being made by the company as well as where their strengths lie. Eric would know, as he oversaw the meteoric rise and returned for the dying days of WCW.

Bischoff’s main point of contention is his perceived lack of storytelling in AEW. Eric thinks WWE does a much better job with it. AEW will not grow, he believes, by simply putting on five-star matches and signing huge names.

During the latest 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed his thoughts on storytelling in AEW. Bischoff doesn’t think AEW is doing a good enough job of building relatable stories. He does see that happening in WWE, and Easy E had no issues expanding his point.

“I’ve been saying this from the get-go. I’ve been saying from day one whether it’s about WWE or AEW, it’s a commitment to story and AEW is proving my point. The fact that they have plateaued is proving my point. You can add whoever you want to your roster and it won’t matter beyond a week or two unless the audience is engaged in a compelling story that makes them look forward to next week. Not because they’re just wrestling fans and they want to see a four-star Tokyo Dome [match], no, that’s not going to grow the audience.


That’s going to satisfy the audience you already have. If you can have that phenomenal athletic match, great, and it’s the pay off to the story, that’s excellent, that’s perfect. But if you’re not building stories that people focus on, talk about, relate to, and make [the fans] want to come back every week and see where it’s going next, if you’re not doing that, I don’t give a damn.

You could take WWE’s existing roster, bring it over to AEW and nothing is going to happen. It’s story, and first of all, you have to have a basic understanding of how to tell a story and I don’t see it. I see it in WWE and I don’t see it in AEW.”

AEW fans see it completely differently. They will point out Hangman Adam Page’s three-year world title story arc or the recent MJF feud with CM Punk as examples of excellent narrative work by the company. Eric Bischoff just doesn’t see it that way.

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Michael Perry

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