WWE held a battle of the giants on this week’s Monday Night Raw. Commander Azeez took on Omos in a short bout that didn’t do Azeez any favors. Apollo Crews created a distraction and Omos capitalized. This was not the best sign for the former Babatunde/ Dabba-Kato.

Omos has been presented as an unstoppable giant. WWE frequently books him in handicap matches only for him to completely dominate. The company sees big things for the monster of a man.

Dave Meltzer talked about the future for Commander Azeez on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. WWE does not seem keen on keeping him anywhere near a top spot. It came down to a choice between two giants.

“They destroyed Azeez. As soon as they started pushing Omos, Azeez pretty much, you know, as I said, his effectiveness was over because there’s a natural match and they picked the giant that they want, which is the bigger of the two guys. Azeez has stopped getting any kind of push at all.”


WWE was thought to be building towards showdown in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. That could still happen, but it is clear that Azeez isn’t going to come out on top. Omos is the preferred big guy in WWE.

Time will tell how Omos push works out. WWE loves nothing more than a larger-than-life superstar that gets a big reaction from fans. Omos could be that pet project in the lead-up to WrestleMania.

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Michael Perry

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