WWE has presented the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania for the past seven years. It is always a chance for some of the talent who weren’t used in a featured match to get a nice payday and a WrestleMania moment. WWE is currently working on plans for the battle royal to take place this year as well.

There has not been much news about the Andre Memorial Battle Royal. There hasn’t been much buzz about it at all. Some fans have been wondering when and where the match will take place.

The plans are up in the air at WWE, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. WWE is not sure when they will be able to fit the battle royal in for WrestleMania weekend. There are several possibilities for when it will go down.

“As of a couple days ago, because this stuff changes every minute anyway, but the battle royal, I mean every guy on the roster’s going to be in that battle royal, but the battle royal might be on Monday or Friday of the week of… Might be at the Barclays center on the Monday or Dallas on the Friday as opposed to one of the WrestleManias. But it could end up at WrestleMania depending on time constraints and everything like that.


It just depends on how many matches they end up with. You know, how many things happen. Because again, there’s fluidity in a lot of this stuff that’s being worked on for WrestleMania, such as the Austin thing which didn’t end up being exactly what they’d hoped for.

Every year we know. Usually, the Andre the Giant Battle Royal is on WrestleMania. And given that, every guy on the roster ends up on WrestleMania. So, like, yeah. The idea of trying to tell us… Seth Rollins in particular, who I thought was a main event guy. Was going to be the frickin’ champion this time of year in the original plans. He’s not going to be at WrestleMania. That’s sort of insulting us in some ways.”

There are no set plans for when and where the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place. It is usually at some point during WrestleMania weekend, but that could change this year. We will have to wait and see what WWE decides to do.

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