It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • TNT Championship – “Title vs. Streak”: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Scorpio Sky
  • AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa
  • Paige VanZant Signs With AEW
  • Chris Jericho Addresses Eddie Kingston

Judas hits to kick off tonight’s show and Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Jericho gets a mic and says Revolution was one of the greatest nights of his career. He tapped out but it was one of the best matches of his career. HE wants to thank Eddie for that, he awakened something in him that he wasn’t sure existed anymore. After Eddie won the big one, “I refused to shake his hand.” “Shake his hand” chants… Jericho says he wants to shake his hand, Kingston beat him, he has gone his respect. Jericho asked Eddie to come out.

Eddie Kingston comes out to face Jericho. Eddie says we are going to get deep. He says the Friday before the PPV, he didn’t want to show up. He wanted to go out and drink, he wanted the poison that has eaten him for years. Jericho got in his head, he has lost to everybody he has stepped in the ring with in AEW. Eddie shuts down a “What” chant. When he had 4 people come to him at Fanfest telling him how much his Players Tribunal article helped them, he wanted to make them proud. He wants to make them proud. He cried after the match in his hotel room. For those people at the fanfest he hopes he did them proud. The handshake wasn’t for him, the handshake was for you, Chris. That was a Chris Jericho problem. He dragged out the man who was in the J Cup, the man he respected. Chris proved him wrong and he proved he was still the man. Does that fill the hole in his chest that make him not want to shake his hand?


Jericho says everything Eddie said was right, “I respect you and I would be honoured if you would shake my hand.” Jericho offers a handshake… Eddie shakes it. 2point0 and Daniel Garcia make their entrance and attack Kingston and Jericho! Santana and Ortiz run down to makes the save with baseball bats. They hand the bat to Jericho and Jericho attacks Santana and Ortiz!! Jericho and 2point0 attack Kingston, Santana and Ortiz!

Jake Hager runs down and shouts at Jericho! Hager looks conflicted but then attacks Santana and Ortiz! Jericho, Hager, Daniel Garcia and 2point0 beat down Kingston, Santana and Ortiz. Jericho hits Kingston in the head with the baseball bat! Hager powerbombs Kingston off the apron, through a table! Jericho and Hager lay their Inner Circle shirts on Santana and Ortiz. Jericho says “This is the Jericho Appreciation Society… And that’s entertainment!”

Recap of the CM Punk/MJF Dog Collar Match.

Dante Martin makes his entrance for a AEW World Championship Match! The AEW World Champion, Hangman Page makes his entrance.

AEW World Championship: Hangman Page vs. Dante Martin

Lock up, clean break. Lock up, Page with a shoulder block, then another shoulder block, Martin hits a hurricanrana, dropkick. Martin with a chop to little affect, more strikes to little affect, Martin with a crossbody but Page catches him and rolls through and hits a Fall Away Slam.

Picture in Picture.

Martin with an enziguri, then a missile dropkick, cover, 2 count. Martin with a forearm, a high boot and then a moonsault to the outside! Hangman catches a splash into a Sit Out Powerbomb! Page covers, 2 count. Page misses a moonsault to the outside, they both duck under each others movers, Page pushes Martin into the ring and then gets the better of him and his a Buckshot Lariat! Page covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW World Champion, Hangman Page!

Tony Schiavone gets in the ring to interview Page. Page asks Martin to get back in the ring. He says last year he was put in a tough position and he made it all the way to the AEW Championship. Page says Martin is one of the hardest hitting, fastest guys in this ring and Page shakes his hand.

Adam Cole interrupts and says he proved Page wasn’t untouchable. Page got a fluke victory at Revolution. Next time he wont be so lucky. Next week, Cole challenges him to a six man tag match. His partners are one of the best tag teams in the entire world. Cole says Pages days as AEW World Champion are numbered, he will not stop until he is AEW World Champion.

Commercial Break.

Bryan Danielson makes his entrance, accompanied by William Regal! Out next is Jon Moxley, making his way through the crowd. The Workhorseman, JD Drake and Anthony Henry, are already in the ring.

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley vs. The Workhorseman

Moxley attacks Drake first, stomps in the corner, running forearm, backdrop. Moxley tags in Danielson. Danielson with kicks to the chest, Drakes gets the better of Danielson and tags in Henry. Henry with kicks in the corner, Danielson gets a knee to the gut. Moxley tags in, strikes in the corner, quick tag back to Danielson. Danielson with stiff kicks in the corner, snapmare, and locks in the Romero Special.

Moxley tags in and bites Henry, then hits a chop. Moxley with an inside out suplex, cover, 1 count. Henry with a back elbow, missile dropkick and tags in Drake. Drake with chops to little affect, Moxley with a big lariat. Moxley with a suicide dive to the outside, Danielson hits the Busaiku Knee, Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on the outside, Danielson hits stomps to Drakes face then transitions into the LeBell Lock. drake taps out as William Regal smiles.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley!

Tony Schiavone gets in the ring, he welcomes William Regal to AEW. Regal say he thought he would never do this with Schiavone again, it has been 29 years, time has flown. He is 53 now, he has lived a hard life, through battles in the ring, he is not long for this world. He is out here to be with these incredible gentlemen. Schiavone helped him 29 years ago but enough of being nice. He is no longer required in his old job, he checked out of this industry and then somebody told him that his friend Danielson had mentioned him in AEW Dynamite. Every time Danielson’s names came up, Regal’s name got mentioned with him. If somebody wants to work hard, he will make them a better professional wrestler. He told them everything not to do. Danielson is the perfect wrestler. Regal and Danielson trained all day everyday for 5 months and that is when they learned. Danielson became everything Regal could never be.

Regal turns to Moxley. 11 years ago he met Moxley. For a whole year the psychological problems they have together would make the devil cry. Seeing them fight each other he had to come out. He thought what better could the younger generation see than these perfect wrestlers. That is why this team is together. A warning to everybody who steps in the ring with them, you will step up, or get stepped on!

Marvez is with Dark Order, asks what their relationship with Page is. Page comes in and apologizes. Silver says its ok and asks who he will pick for next weeks match. Page says he chose Jurassic Express.

Wheeler Yuta makes his entrance, accompanied by the Best Friends. Pac is out next.

Wheeler Yuta vs. Pac

Lock up, Pac powers Yuta to the corner. Yuta with an armdrag.

Picture in Picture.

Yuta with forearms and a German Suplex. Yuta hits an Atomic drop, enziguri, boot, and a huge crossbody, cover, 2 count. Pac gets a roundhouse kick, then hits a German, cover, 2 count. Pac goes to the top and hits an Avalanche Brainbuster! Pac locks in the Brutalizer and Yuta taps immediately!


Cole, the Bucks and reDRagon are backstage. Cole says it wasn’t their night at Revolution. reDRagon and Bucks bicker but next week things will change. Cole says his partners are two of his best friends, they are the best, the Bucks assume he is talking about them but Cole says his partners will be reDRagon.

Commercial Break.

Marvez is with FTR. Dax says wrestling was his first love, he is looking at reDRagon and the Buck… Blanchard interrupts and says AEW is about them winning the Tag Title a second time. FTR get angry and then fire Tully Blanchard!

AHFO are in the ring. Hardy says he wants to start afresh. Andrade makes funs of Hardy’s clothes. Hardy apologise for treating them poorly. Andrade would know what that’s like. Andrade says they will take a vote. Hardy says Private Party , his kids will never vote him out. Andrade votes Hardy out. Hardy votes himself in. Jose votes out. Private Party vote in. Hardy says he wants to stay but Private Party turn their thumbs down behind Hardy’s back. Andrade says Hardy needs to watch his back. Hardy sees Private Arty voting him out and then Andrade and Jose attack him from behind. Private Party, Butcher Blade and Andrade beat down Matt Hardy… Andrade hits a big boot.

Darby Allin’s music hits and he and Sting stroll out to the stage. Sting and Darby face off with the AHFO before running in to save Matt. AHFO beat them down before Jeff Hardy’s music hits!!!!!

Jeff Hardy runs down and takes out the AHFO! Jeff takes out Quen, the Butcher, then Blade! Matt hits a Twist of Fate, Jeff takes his shirt off and then hits a Swanton Bomb on the Blade! Matt and Jeff hug in the ring. Sting and Darby Allin then stare at the Hardys.

Schiavone is with Swerve Strickland. He will wrestling on Rampage. Tony Nese comes in and welcomes him to AEW. Schiavone didn’t introduce Nese like he did to Swerve. The Premier Athlete welcomes him to AEW. Lets revisit our Friday nights. This isn’t Nese’s house, its Swerves house.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone welcomes the new Face of the Revolution, Wardlow! Wardlow makes his entrance. Big Wardlow chants. Wardlow says we all have to decide are we going to help somebody and help somebody else accomplish their dreams or will they fulfil their own. He helps MJF achieve his dreams, he spent his life help Max fulfil his dreams. He knew Max wasn’t a good person and he hopes everybody forgives him for associating with such trash. Wardlow tells a story of being poor growing up, Max was his way of getting his foot in the door, Max changed his life. It doesn’t matter how much you pay somebody, that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect and put their hand on them. When Max slapped him last week he decided his own fate. He is still under contract with Max but he doesn’t give a damn.

He is no long MJF’s bodyguard, he is no longer in the Pinnacle, he is finally free. He hopes Max is as smart as he says he is, and release him from his contract. He wants to Powerbomb Max until he cant move but he has wasted 3 years of his life on him. He only cares about winning the TNT Championship, and he will not stop there. He wants it all. He is letting everybody know that All Elite Wrestling is now Wardlow’s world!

Marvez is with Keith Lee and QT Marshall. Lee asks what QT wants with him. QT say they have a common enemy in Team Taz. They don’t know each other but the Factory and QT and his back. Lee says he has a large back and he is good.

Jurassic Express make their entrance, accompanied by Christian Cage. The Acclaimed are out next, Caster raps. Gunn Club watch at ringside.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Jurassic Express vs. The Acclaimed

Jungle Boy and Bowens start, lock up, Bowens with stomps in the corner. Caster tags in, Jungle Boy fights them both off,. hurricanrana on Caster, dropkick, tag to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus with a crossbody, strikes in the corner, Jungle Boy tags in, hits a splash, cover, 1 count. Caster with a clothesline to jungle Boy on the apron, Bowens takes him out on the outside.

Picture in Picture.

Jungle Boy with a a big lariat, Caster tags in, Jungle Boy kicks him off and tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus runs wild, clotheslines all round, high boots, elbows in the corner, double clothesline! Acclaimed escape a double chokeslam. Jungle Boy hits a suicide dive to both men. Luchasaurus with a facebuster, then a Chokeslam, standing Moonsault, cover, 2 count as Bowens breaks the count. Jungle Boy tags in, Luchasaurus with a palm strike to Caster, Bowens trips Jungle Boy, Caster throws Luchasaurus out of the ring.

Bowens with chops then a superkick, tag to Caster, Caster hits the Mic Drop Elbow, cover, 1, 2, Luchasaurus breaks the count! Luchasaurus goes for a chokeslam, Bowens rakes the eyes. Caser and Bowens hit a combination bomb, cover, 2 count! “This is Awesome” chants. Caster distracts the ref, Bowens gets a weapon, Cage takes him out, Luchasaurus hits a headbutt, Jurassic Express hit a Doomsday Device on Bowens, Luchasaurus hits a tail whip to Caster, Jungle boy covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW World Tag Team Champions, Jurassic Express!

Jade Carghill is backstage and asks who’s next? Sterling asks who’s left? They have beaten everybody. Carghill asks who wants to step up and receive her beautiful kiss of death?

Legit Leyla Hirsch makes her entrance. Thunder Rosa is out next.

AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa

Evenly matched grappling to start. Rosa gets an armdrag, another armdrag, dropkick, clothesline in the corner. Hirsch with a stomp to the elbow, then a facebuster.

Picture in Picture.

Rosa hits a clothesline, then another clothesline, drop toe hold, and a dropkick in the ropes. Rosa with another running dropkick, Northern Light Suplex, cover, 2 count. Rosa with a clothesline in the corner, Hirsch hits a German, cover, 2 count. Hirsch with strikes on the mat. Rosa knocks Hirsch off the top turnbuckle and Rosa hits a Superplex! Rosa hits a neckbreaker, then a running lariat, cover, 2 count.

Hirsch drops Rosa on the bottom rope. Hirsch goes under the ring and pulls out a turnbuckle post. Red Velvet runs down to stop her. Rosa hits a boots to the midsection, Hirsch locks in an armbar but Rosa blocks. Rosa gets a roll up, 2 count. Rosa hits the Fire thunder Driver, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Thunder Rosa!

Tony Schiavone is on the stage. He congratulated Rosa and next week she will get a title shot, next week she will face Britt Baker in a Steel Cage Match!

Britt Baker says Rosa had a bit more pep in her step this week. She beat Rosa at Revolution. This conspiracy shit lives on. Where Mercedes? She wont be available next week. Baker says she isn’t afraid of Rosa or a Cage. Carny riff raff like you will not become champion. Rosa may have won the Lights Out Match but who really won? DMD!

Commercial Break.

Scorpio Sky makes his entrance for the main event., Dan Lambert and Ethan Page accompany him to ringside. Paige VanZant is at ringside. The TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara makes his entrance next.

TNT Championship – “Title vs. Streak”: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Scorpio Sky

Sky misses a running knee, Guevara with chops in the corner. Guevara with a running corkscrew dropkick. Sky attacks Guevara while he was distracted by Lambert. Guevara drives Sky into the barricade. Guevara gets a table from under the ring then throws Sky into the steel steps. Guevara sets up the table at ringside and hits a superkick to Sky.

Guevara sets up Sky on the table and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Guevara hits a 630 to the outside but Sky moves and Guevara crashes through the table! Tay Conti runs down to check on Guevara!

Picture in Picture.

Conti and doctors help Guevara up the ramp. Guevara pushes them off and gets back in the ring. The ref shouts he doesn’t have to do this. Guevara spits at Sky then hits right hands. Sky with knees to the injured runs, Sky throws Guevara out of the ring, right on his injured ribs. Conti runs over to check on him. Sky shouts at Conti and throws Guevara back in the ring. VanZant gets in Conti’s face.

Sky hits a backbreaker, then another backbreaker. A third backbreaker from Sky, Sky covers, 2 count! Sky puts pressure on the spine in a submission, Guevara fights out with right hands, Guevara gets a roll up, 2 count. Guevara with chops, a back elbow, dropkick. Guevara hits a springboard cutter! Guevara goes for the cover, 2 count. Guevara hits a thrust kick, then hits the GTH! Sky rolls under the ropes, Guevara drags him back in the ring, goes for the Shooting Star Press but sky gets the knees up!

Page tries to get in the ring but Conti pulls him off. VanZant attacks Conti from behind and throws Conti into the steel steps. Sky hits the TKO, Sky covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” TNT Champion, Scorpio Sky!

Sky attacks Guevara with the belt. VanZant continues the attack on Conti. VanZant signs her AEW contract on Conti and Guevara’s bodies. The show closes with American Top Team standing tall!

Martin Dickinson

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