Kenny Omega is one of the biggest stars in pro-wrestling history. He’s one of the very few stars who have made a huge name for themselves despite being from WWE. Omega was a huge star back in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and he’s carrying on the tradition at AEW.

Omega is one of the superstars who are known to be obsessively into gaming. The star has been into some of the biggest AEW matches while going through his reign as the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. Even fellow gamer Adam Cole is open to collaborate with Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega is even going to be featured in an upcoming AEW game. Omega is a self-proclaimed fan of games such as the Mother series on Nintendo, Earthbound, Final Fantasy 3 and Apex Legends, there’s another game he’s been playing during his time off.

Omega took to Twitter in order to show off fans a picture of himself holding a broad that says “PERSONA 4AU RULES.” One fan commented that Omega has covered up the original sign, which says “PERSONA 5 SUCKS.”

The AEW superstar has been out of commission ever since it was revealed that he has sustained long-term in-ring damage as well as his COVID-19 diagnosis. It seems he’s been refreshing himself by playing Persona 4, and keeping his itch to wrestle once again in check.

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