Chavo Guerrero left AEW to do some work for Dwayne Johnson’s hit sitcom, “Young Rock.” Tony Khan gave his blessing and said it was a great opportunity. After he was finished, Chavo said the AEW boss started ghosting him.

Guerrero was recently removed from the official AEW roster page. Chavo claims he had no idea about any moves that were made. Upon returning home after his work on Young Rock, Khan simply seemed to have vanished. Chavo told the story to The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

“100 percent news to me, man [being removed from the AEW roster page]. So, originally when I started AEW, talking to Tony Khan, it was like, alright, so you can start working for maybe it was about two months. Then I got the opportunity, I knew I was going back to Young Rock. I just didn’t know when it was going to happen…

Coming back in early February, started giving Tony some texts, no answer, no reply. Called him, left him a voice message, no reply whatsoever. I am like, ‘Hmm, okay.’ Then all of a sudden I see I am not part of the page anymore, of the AEW roster. So, it kind of pisses me off, to be honest.


Hey, I am a big boy, if there’s not plans for me, totally fine, I get it. But answer your phone. I deal with billionaires all the time, he’s not the first one, so it kind of pisses me off a little bit. After working with Vince McMahon, you can deal with anybody. So I am like, ‘Answer your phone.’ This is not cool. So that’s where we are at.”

Chavo Guerrero also noted that he doesn’t currently have an AEW contract. The two were supposed to revisit the deal after three months. It never came to be. Now Chavo is being ghosted by his former boss.

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