Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle wrestled one of the most anticipated bouts of WWE WrestleMania 19. The match was phenomenal, except for one unfortunate mistake. That botch has lived on in the memory of wrestling fans ever since.

Lesnar attempted a shooting star press from the top rope on Angle during the match. Brock ended up landing incorrectly. The Beast took most of his body weight on his head and cervical spine. Lesnar amazingly continued the match and hit an F5 on Angle to win the championship.

The Michael Kay Show had Brock Lesnar as a guest recently. Brock discussed the botch during the show. Lesnar thinks Kurt Angle should have called an audible and pinned him instead of letting the match continue.

“Kurt helped me through, was talking to me, saying, ‘Hey’, you know. But Kurt should’ve just rolled me over and pinned me (laughs). He should’ve just said, ‘That’s enough kid,’ and just went off script.”


Brock Lesnar also noted that he should never have attempted the move. Lesnar said Mr. Perfect told him it was a bad idea before the match. The WWE Champion knows he should have listened.

It ended up being the ultimate testament to Brock Lesnar’s legitimate toughness. Most people would never attempt to finish a match after landing on their head so horrifically. Brock Lesnar isn’t most people.

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