Jeff Hardy is more than likely on his way to AEW to reunite with his brother Matt Hardy for one more run on the national stage. Jeff even admitted as much recently. The Charismatic Enigma is still technically under WWE contract until March 9. Hardy walked his comment back due to that fact.

WWE could have some legal recourse due to Hardy’s statement. It wouldn’t keep him from going to AEW, but it could cause some headaches and delays. If WWE could provide evidence that Hardy was negotiating with AEW while under contract, it may constitute tampering.

Dave Meltzer discussed the possibility on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. There is no pending legal action, but the possibility is very real. AEW and Jeff Hardy need to tread lightly for one more week because WWE is looking for mistakes.

“Look, we all know that Jeff Hardy is coming in. Jeff Hardy himself said it until he realized, ‘Oh my god, I just f*cked up!’ So, he had to say, ‘I didn’t mean it,’ because it’s like… Of course he’s coming in, unless something falls through. It’s understood. Everyone in wrestling knows it, but you can’t say it.

Jeff Hardy, today, is under contract to WWE. If you say that, it’s like, it’s frickin’ admission to tampering. Jeff saying it’s already a problem WWE, because, of course they’re looking to do something legally in this situation. I mean, they’re looking for that mistake.”

If WWE wanted to, they could make the process of Jeff Hardy jumping to AEW a little more difficult. We will have to wait and see what transpires. So far, WWE has not taken any publicly known legal action over Hardy’s comments or any alleged tampering.

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