NXT 2.0 has been met with very mixed reviews. The rebrand left a bitter taste in many fans’ mouths. At one time, the WWE developmental brand was seen as the place to see the top wrestling talent in the United States. WWE has refocused NXT on developing younger, inexperienced wrestlers into major stars who can someday headline WrestleMania.

There was talk of shutting down NXT’s house show touring even before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. WWE finally announced their return to live events with fans in June of 2021. NXT was expected to have shows in Florida, but they never happened.

There has been a lot of internal talk in WWE lately about taking NXT 2.0 back on the road. The drawing power NXT had the last time they were touring has surely diminished, but there is talk of running live events in smaller venues. Dave Meltzer discussed the talks on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“I guess the idea is just, they are, there is talk of them doing house shows again. That’s the talk right now, yeah. If they just go forward in these 200-seat buildings, then they only have to sell 200 tickets. And they can sell 100 tickets if that’s the case. And they probably could do that.”


If NXT is being used to groom future superstars, it makes sense to get them on the road. Performing on television at the Capital Wrestling Center is fine, but it’s the same audience nearly every week. Working in front of more diverse groups of fans would benefit wrestlers as they prepare for the grueling WWE main roster travel schedule.

WWE has not announced any concrete plans to take NXT on tour yet. It sounds like it could be only a matter of time. NXT 2.0 could be preparing for the start of a very colorful road trip.

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Michael Perry

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