Tony Khan is a true promoter at heart. The AEW head is always doing media and hyping his next big signing or match. Khan loves putting himself out there to let fans know when there is something big coming.

The most recent example was when Khan promised a forbidden door signing few weeks ago. Fans assumed that Tony mean that a star from NJPW would be coming to AEW. Khan had misinterpreted the meaning of the phrase and swiftly booked Jay White to make up for the mistake. AEW fans got a two-for-one surprise.

On Friday’s Busted Open Radio, Tony Khan hinted at something even bigger. TK didn’t say whether it would be a signing, business-related, or some other type of announcement. All we know is that it is going to be big.

“There will be a lot of news in the week ahead. I don’t know if I’ll get it done by tonight but stay tuned in the week ahead. I’m working on something pretty big. It would be massive.


I don’t know if it’s what anybody would expect it is or think it is, but this would be a big deal in pro wrestling. I’m looking forward to hopefully making it happen. Stay tuned. I hopefully will get it done and will have more to announce soon.”

Khan has been accused of exaggerating his surprises in the past. There is no mistaking the gravity of Tony’s words here. Tony Khan believes this will be a major deal when it comes to pro wrestling. AEW fans will be waiting to see what Tony has to say.

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Michael Perry

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