Cody Rhodes turned the wrestling world upside-down yesterday when it was announced that he and Brandi Rhodes were leaving All Elite Wrestling. Cody and Brandi were with the company from the start, and both served in backstage roles in addition to their on-air duties. Rumors immediately began that Cody Rhodes was on his way to WWE.

WWE would likely be more than willing to pay a premium to bring in one of the founders of their biggest competitor. Cody knows that, and with a new addition to his family, could be thinking about financial security. Several other AEW stars might want to keep an eye on how he’s treated if Cody does jump to WWE.

Dave Meltzer discussed what it might look like for Cody to sign with WWE on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. WWE is known to have their eyes on several other AEW talents like MJF and Wardlow. How WWE might treat Cody could be a factor in their future decision making.

“One of the key things is that, if Vince doesn’t use him well, it’s a sign to everyone on that roster, that AEW roster, who may be thinking the grass is greener, that it’s not. I think that from a business standpoint, not just for Cody but for MJF or Sammy Guevara, or, you know, whoever is there… Wardlow or somebody that may have potential and WWE may have interest in. Jon Moxley or whatever.


You could make the argument that Cody should come in… Obviously he’s going to come in with a giant pop. You know, that always happens. You would want to use him very, very strong. If not just for him but for everything. For every reason in the book. I mean, we’ll see though. That doesn’t mean they will. But, I know if it was me in this situation, I would shoot him to the moon.

He’s a good promo. Then again, like, the weird thing to me is like, is he really going to like being structured to the level he’s going to be structured as opposed to being much freer, and that’s the one where… I am surprised for a lot of reasons that he would make this call, but there’s evidently, you know, whatever, there’s something. Maybe it’s just pure money, where he just thought he could make more money in WWE and at this stage of the game, that’s all there is. Maybe it’s that, I don’t know. Certainly, the people who are closest to the situation, but still don’t know because the only ones who know are Cody and Brandi and Tony, that’s it. But, they were not talking about it as a money thing as much as a happy and the fact that his slot, he hasn’t been the focus guy that he was in 2019 and 2020.”

Cody Rhodes signing with WWE would mark the first major AEW star to make the switch. Many AEW fans reacted with apathy or even elation when the announcement was made. We will have to keep watching to see if Cody does wind up back with Vince McMahon’s company.

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