Josh Alexander was one of Impact Wrestling’s biggest stars over the course of the past year. The Walking Weapon recently became free agent. Fans have been discussing where Alexander might wind up next.

Alexander has some time to weigh his options, as his United States work visa was through Impact. While he has been sorting through paperwork, Brandi Rhodes dropped his name on AEW television. The company seems to be hoping to sign the talented former Impact World Champion.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Alexander’s situation. Money could be a factor in AEW’s decision on whether to sign him. A crowded roster that seems to be growing every week leaves little room for free agents who can’t make a huge splash.

“So, his [Josh Alexander] contract expired today with Impact. He also mentioned on Twitter, because his visa is from Impact that he’s going to have to get a new visa to work in the United States, so he had to cancel his U.S. bookings. I know that there are still talks with him with Impact…


Brandi Rhodes mentioned Josh Alexander’s name on television just recently. And all of the sudden, here we are, and his contract expired, you know, during that Ethan Page thing, where he goes, ‘The only reason we brought you in was so we could get a Josh Alexander.’ Josh Alexander’s a very good wrestler. You know, he was one of the really big stars with Impact this last year. One of the real focal points of the company. They made him world champion for a very brief period. X champion for a long time and everything like that. Some of the best matches in the company. The TJP match, things like that. Jonah match at the pay-per-view, but really, all of his stuff. He’s a good worker.

Things will work out for him, I think. There have been a lot of good people that have been interested in AEW from WWE and, you know, there’s been… They’ve got a pretty high salary scale, considering everything, considering the revenue and all that. It’s not WWE, but, to compete with WWE and to get these guys, you have to pay at least what WWE would pay them to get them. Now, granted with Adam Cole, he’s making way, way, way, way more than he was going to make in WWE, I mean, to the point it’s ridiculous. I’m not saying he’s not worth it or anything like that, I’m just saying that Adam Cole got a great deal. Obviously, Bryan Danielson got a competitive deal. Bryan Danielson isn’t working anywhere for less than several million a year.”

Tony Khan has a huge free agent market with an unprecedented amount of talent available to try and sign. AEW is already having trouble finding TV time for many of their latest signings. That will be a major consideration going forward as Josh Alexander mulls his future.

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