Shane McMahon’s short comeback to WWE led to all kinds of wild rumors that Vince McMahon’s son might be turning up elsewhere. McMahon made several power moves at the recent WWE Royal Rumble that didn’t sit well. Shane had a ton of heat backstage and his WrestleMania plans were quietly scrapped.

More creative fans decided that there was a chance that Shane McMahon could show up in All Elite Wrestling. Rumors swirled that WWE staffers were begging Tony Khan not to deal with Shane after the way he treated everyone at the Rumble. There was very little truth to the gossip, but the fan speculation was widespread.

The Young Bucks have jumped on the Shane McMahon to AEW bandwagon to help promote the latest episode of their web series, Being the Elite. Brandon Cutler shared a teaser video on Twitter. As Matt Jackson collects slot machine winnings in a casino, Shane’s familiar “Here Comes the Money” WWE music plays in the background.

The Bucks made themselves famous by using social media to build brand. Being the Elite is one of wrestling’s most popular web series. The popular show stitches backstage reality with wrestling storylines for a humorous look at the lives of Matt and Nick Jackson and their pals in The Elite.


It’s no surprise that the Jacksons jumped on the Shane McMahon hype train. The idea is to get fans talking. Judging by the replies to Cutler’s tweet, the fans appreciate the humor.

Nobody knows what Shane McMahon’s future in pro wrestling will be. He may not even have one. The Young Bucks are all too happy to strike while the hype iron is still hot.

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