The Young Bucks On Using Social Media To Gauge Fan Interest

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The Young Bucks were able to make a killing making merch money and gaining a reputation online. Now they are keeping track of this same thing as Executive Vice Presidents of AEW.

The Herald Bulletin recently spoke to The Young Bucks. They are on social media quite often and gauging fan interest to see what’s getting traction. If something can go viral then they know that AEW has a winner on their hands.

“Going on Twitter and seeing who’s blowing up, you know, who’s making waves, whose gifs are circulating. It’s the easiest time ever to have something go viral so like we keep our eyes on everything. That’s how a lot of these stars are being made these days is through social media.”

We’ll have to see what the next viral sensation will be for AEW. You never know when the next “little bit of the bubbly” will come about, but The Young Bucks will be ready for it when it does.

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