The Bollywood Boyz (also known as the Singh Brothers) enjoyed a long run in WWE from 2016 through last Summer. Sunil and Samir Singh were released in July, but have kept themselves very busy. The duo is now the reigning DEFY tag team champions.

Getting to the United States from their native Canada wasn’t easy for the team. While one member was able to cross the border and get a work visa with no problem, the other had some difficulty. A prominent wrestling journalist had to step in to help.

Dave Meltzer talked about the issues on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave didn’t name which of the Singh brothers had visa issues. It was noted that Meltzer had to write a letter of recommendation to vouch for the one who did.

“This is a crazy story. They both filled out their visas. Their experience is essentially the same, right, you know, they’ve both done the exact same thing. So, one of them got approved and one of them didn’t and there’s no explanation as to why. Because I had to actually help with the one who didn’t get approved and write a recommendation letter and everything like that. But, it was only for one of them, because the other had gotten approved.


How can you see these two forms that are identical, the exact same experiences, the exact same, you know, used to be in WWE for so many years, used to be here. The same recommendation letters for both of them and one of them got turned down and one of them didn’t.

I had kind of heard that they got them. The one who I helped out thanked me, so. How do you turn down working visas for, you know what I mean? Even people with that level of experience in the business. I mean, whatever. I know it’s hard, Canada, getting them through and all that, but it’s like… They’re experienced enough to where that should not have been an issue.”

Fortunately, the Singh Brothers were able to get their visa issue taken care of. It was a very odd situation, but with a little help from their friend, they were able to make it across the border. Now, they’ll focus their attention on defending the DEFY titles.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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