Kris Statlander has been a mainstay of the AEW women’s division. Statlander has been billed as coming from the Andromeda Galaxy and wears spaced-out face paint to help her stand out from the crowd. Kris has been getting some more serious storylines in Tony Khan’s promotion lately, and that has led to some changes.

AEW fans have noticed that Statlander has been leaning into her alien gimmick far less these days. It is as if she’s slowly become more and more human. With an alleged demon now on the roster in Danhausen, Khan may think there are too many paranormal gimmicks in the company.

Dave Meltzer commented on Statlander’s transformation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. As Kris continues her feud with “Legit” Leyla Hirsch, she’s shown an edgier, more human side to her character. It was noted that AEW has slowly transformed Statlander into an Earthling.

“She hasn’t been much of an alien lately. They’ve never officially dropped it, but her alien tendencies have been slowed down and now I think she’s human. But, they haven’t officially declared her human yet.”


We will have to wait and see if Kris Statlander is ever officially declared human. It could be a part of a storyline or they could just simply never mention her interstellar origins again. It should only help to make Kris’ feuds more believable.

AEW has a lot of fun and quirky gimmicks that sometimes receive chuckles from more old-school fans. Between Kris Statlander, Orange Cassidy, and Danhausen, Tony Khan might have thought it was a little too much. Kris Statlander is an excellent performer and will do her best to make whatever she’s given stand out.

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Michael Perry

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