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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair defend her title against Naomi. SmackDown will also feature a “Dungeon Style” match between Natalya and Aliyah.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins live with WWE official Sonya Deville in the ring. Deville calls out Ronda Rousey’s attack on her at the end of last week’s SmackDown, and that there will be consequences for her actions. Deville reveals that she has petitioned for WWE management to suspend Rousey indefinitely. Adam Pearce walks out to inform Deville that Mr. McMahon himself has called out Deville for abusing her power, and that Deville’s petition has been denied. Pearce also reads that Deville is forbidden from interfering in Naomi’s match tonight.

Naomi makes her way down to the ring and slaps Deville in the face, leaving Deville on the mat as Naomi walks to the back.

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Big E & Kofi Kingston vs Los Lotharios

Our opening tag team match begins with Angel backed into the ropes by Big E. Big E locks in a side headlock but Angel escapes into a waist lock. Big E powers out of the waist lock and tags Kingston in. Kingston hits a leap frog back splash and covers for two. Humberto is tagged in as is Big E. Big E hits the running splash on the apron to Humberto. Angel is sent over the top rope and with the assist of Big E, Kingston hits a dive to the outside to take out both opponents.

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Back live with Angel having Big E in a chin lock. Angel hits a drop kick but is caught by Big E who hits a belly to belly slam. Kingston and Humberto are both tagged in and Kingston hits a standing drop kick. Kingston hits the boom drop to Humberto. Humberto dodges the trouble in paradise and counters with a roll up for two. Kingston hits a leg drop with Humberto on Big E’s shoulders and covers for two after Angel breaks the cover. Humberto hits a top rope moonsault and covers but Kingston kicks out at two. Kingston hits trouble in paradise to Humberto an Angel gets a surprise roll up for three.

Winners: Los Lotharios

The Viking Raiders are interviewed backstage but are interrupted by super kicks from The Usos. The Usos continue the beat down and leave the set after taking down the Viking Raiders.

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Back live for an exclusive backstage interview with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Michael Cole mentions the return of Goldberg on last week’s SmackDown. Reigns says that Goldberg in WCW was impressive, but if he was in WCW, everybody would be winning, because WCW would still be in business. Cole then mentions Goldberg’s dominant victory over Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2016. Reigns calls Lesnar old news and nobody cares about him or Goldberg as long as he is still there. Reigns says that two years ago, Goldberg might have had a chance, but now, he is untouchable and he will smash Goldberg like he did to everyone else in those past two years.

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Natalya vs Aliyah

Our Dungeon Style match begins with Natalya hitting a side headlock take down. Natalya hits a side kick to Aliyah’s head. Natalya hits the Michinoku driver into a cover for two. Aliyah locks in a single leg Boston Crab but Natalya rolls through and locks in the sharpshooter. Aliyah crawls to the rope but there is no rope break due to the match stipulation. Aliyah eventually taps out.

Winner: Natalya

After the match, Natalya continues her assault on Aliyah and goes to lock in the sharpshooter again. Xia Li runs in to make the save and cause Natalya to flee to the back.

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Back live with Sami Zayn in the ring for another edition of the In-Zayn show. Zayn begins to insult the live crowd in New Orleans when he is interrupted by Rick Boogs who comes out and plays Shinsuke Nakamura out to the ring. Zayn says he’s shocked Nakamura showed up and Zayn says he has been avoiding Zayn for weeks but next week he will finally reclaim his Intercontinental Championship. Zayn says that he once had respect for Nakamura but not anymore with Boogs in his corner. Boogs goes to grab the mic but is hit with an apparent electric shock. Off the distraction, Zayn hits Nakamura with a Helluva kick to the back of the head. Zayn leaves the ring as Nakamura and Boogs are down in the corner.

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Happy Corbin vs Cesaro

SmackDown resumes with the match already underway. Corbin slams Cesaro into the corner face first. Corbin hits a vertical suplex. Corbin hits a series of elbows on the mat and locks in a chin lock. Cesaro powers to his feet and breaks the hold. Off an Irish whip to the ropes Corbin hits the deep six and covers for two. Cesaro hits a suplex and follows with an uppercut. Cesaro hits a lariat to knock Corbin out of the ring. Outside the ring Cesaro throws Corbin into the barricade. Back in the ring Cesaro hits the corkscrew uppercut and covers for two. Cesaro goes for the neutralizer but Corbin escapes and hits a lariat. Corbin hits the end of days and covers for three.

Winner: Happy Corbin

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SmackDown Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair vs Naomi

Our main event championship match begins with a lock up. Charlotte backs Naomi into the corner. Charlotte hits a shoulder tackle and slams Naomi to the mat by her hair. Naomi kips up and hits a head scissors take down. Naomi hits a corkscrew dive over the top rope to take out Charlotte on the floor.

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SmackDown returns with Naomi hitting a kick to the head and a flying cross body. Naomi covers off the cross body for a two count. Charlotte breaks a waist lock with a back elbow. Charlotte locks in a leg scissors submission hold. Naomi hits a kick to the back of Charlotte’s knee and gets a jack knife cover for two. Charlotte hits a back breaker and covers for two. Naomi climbs to the top rope and hits the block buster and covers for a two count.

*Commercial break*

Back live with Charlotte having Naomi in a head lock. Charlotte hits a powerbomb directly into a cover but Naomi kicks out at two. Charlotte climbs to the top rope but Naomi rolls away from the moonsault. Naomi hits the rear view and covers for a close two count. Naomi goes up top but Charlotte counters the moonsault with the knees. Charlotte gets a roll up for two. Naomi goes up top again and hits the moonsault and covers for another two count. Naomi goes for another cover but Charlotte puts her foot on the rope to cause the break. Naomi dodges the big boot and hits a series of forearm strikes. Charlotte dodges the rear view and hits the natural selection and covers for three.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the bell Deville and Charlotte team up to attack Naomi. Out comes Ronda Rousey to make the save. Rousey goes for the armbar on Deville’s non broken arm but Charlotte pulls Deville out of the ring as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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