Jade Cargill put her TBS Championship on the line in another open challenge on last night’s AEW Dynamite. A.Q.A. was the opponent. The Booker T trained athlete was previously known in NXT as Zayda Ramier. The match quite obviously did not go as planned.

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Cargill was visibly frustrated throughout the match. Referee Bryce Remsberg could audibly be heard calling out different spots. The timing was completely off throughout.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed what went wrong. Both agreed that A.Q.A. was completely lost. After about two minutes, the match completely fell apart. Alvarez heavily criticized A.Q.A.’s performance.


“What was not good was Jade Cargill and A.Q.A. This was not Jade Cargill’s fault. I don’t know what was going on in  this match, but Bryce Remsberg, he should be probably be paid double. Because that dude is in there, he’s f*ckin’ calling spots. He’s screaming at A.Q.A. what she’s supposed to do next. She’s just lost and Jade’s frustrated and she gets the pin and you could just tell Jade’s all pissed off. This is just not good.”

Meltzer noted that A.Q.A. got a nice pop for her shooting star press, but not much else. The crowd went into the match not believing that A.Q.A. had any chance of winning and completely lost interest. That, coupled with the confusion in the ring, led to a very poor showing.

Jade Cargill will move on from the bad match. Jade has been determined to improve and prove herself inside the ring. This was hiccup in that process. The Jade Brand is hoping to show she’s more than capable of bouncing back after a bad match.

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